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King LeBron James.

You might as well throne him with the crown of thorns the way he's got an entire country praying to him. "Please don't go." "Please come to our city." "Please cure me of leprosy."

I don't think I remember a player having more influence on what city will crown him king next; of course I'm only 24, so that statement is made with a little grain of salt. I think every media outlet has posted something regarding James' status now that he's out of the playoffs. I'm no different, obviously. As far as I know there are 4 cities that have made websites soliciting the man to make their NBA team a championship team; New York, LA, Chicago and of course Cleveland. (along with other ridiculous tactics to lure him: ) Ironically enough, James has never won a championship, and even when he made it to the finals, they got swept by San Antonio.


That either means that Cleveland does a really, really poor job at getting the King a championship-caliber support system--But they got Shaq!! How did a washed-up, over-weight egomaniac NOT help the "King get a ring"? But I digress-- OR LeBron isn't the championship player everyone thought he was. I would suggest the former. Which is why he needs to go where he can play at the level he deserves--with the previous said support-system. He IS the franchise player; this is a fact.

There are few athletes that possess his type of skill, knowledge and passion for the game. It's truly a sight to watch him play in person. So, it's very understandable to want him to come to your city. BUT, LeBron is only one man. There are 30 NBA teams. By rule of simple math, that means there are fans in 29 cities that will be very, very disappointed and hate the man for not choosing their particular city to call home. Sorry, that's just how the world works. Get over it.

I actually feel sorry for the guy, because you know once his decision is made, there will be more haters of the King than lovers of Tim Tebow. That is a true story. (there will always be a Tebow mention)

If he leaves Cleveland, not only with the great state of Ohio hate his guts and label him a sell-out, but so will all of the other small-town folk who had "faith" in him to stick to his humble roots. Ironically enough, I don't think LeBron can stick to anything humble now, so why should he stick to his past? That would be very unfair to him and his accomplishments thus far. On the other-hand, Cleveland has embraced him as its chosen Son. That's his home, and his crutch. It's really hard to say no to a family member, and that's what the state of Ohio has become to LeBron--whether he likes it or not. So what's a man to do?

If he does get the biggest salary in the history of the NBA from one of these teams, would you call him spoiled? If he leaves for New York, yes. If he stays at Cleveland, no. I find that a little humorous. People will only label him a savior or a traitor based on what they want him to do. It's the nature of all sports. People want their home team to be the best, and when they aren't, they have to give in to all of the other nay-sayers and fend off the haters much to their begrudging relinquishment.

The sports world is a funny place. It can invoke sheer joy in a split second and pure depression a moment later. That's why we keep watching and supporting--but only our home teams of course. There's absolutely, positively no correct choice for LeBron on where he should play. Wait, let me rephrase, there is absolutely, positively no correct choice for LeBron in the eyes of his fans on where he should play. What I would suggest to everyone is be happy that you have a chance to Witness a great athlete play the best game in the world--whatever jersey he's wearing.

On a side note: I personally think he should go to Miami. The man can go anywhere, um, why not Miami? He's got D-Wade and would live in one of the best cities in the world, yes the world. Oh yeha, there are those Kardashians too. That's a no brainer. And don't get me started with the Salary cap, I know Miami can pull it off. Pat Riley's a Kentucky boy, duh.




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