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Best game of the week has to be the #7 Florida @ #2 LSU.  This game like the Texas/OU game could have been the second top-5 match up of the week, but due to upset weekend '07, it will have to settle for top-10 status.  What an unbelievable conference the SEC is this year.  I know there are a lot of Pac-10 fans asking why they are left out, but the SEC is just pure dominance.  Coming into this weekend #2 LSU, #7 Florida, #8 Kentucky, #11 Georgia, and #18 South Carolina were representing the SEC in the top-25.  The Pac-10 has USC, who could beat anyone on the list, but I like many others feel would lose to LSU.  This is going off topic and I do not want this to turn into another Pac-10/SEC debate.....sorry.


Coming off a loss at home to unranked Auburn, the Gators will be looking to get back on the winning path with an upset of LSU in Death Valley.  Tim Tebow has been, for the most part, spectacular this year.  Obviously he is the clear leader of the team, and through the first 5 games has accounted for about 1700 yards of total offense, while leading his team in both passing and rushing (sound familiar?), add 19 touchdowns, and the fact he is a sophomore and it looks even better.  Even in a loss Tebow looked good.  After only 83 yards in the first half against Auburn and a pick early in the 3rd, Tebow took over for his team starting with the last drive of the 3rd quarter and a 17-3 deficit.  Ultimately, the defense let Florida down, letting Auburn march down the field and giving up a game winning field goal as time expired.  Tebow finishes with 276 yards of offense, about 62 less yards than he averages a game, and a 3 point loss.  The future in Florida looks bright.


The Florida defense is a very young group (9 new starters) and until the 3rd quarter of the Ole Miss game, had not shown to be that inexperienced.  When met by an average Auburn offense subtle mistakes were made and allowed the Tigers to edge out a victory at The Swamp.  With Early Doucet still listed as day to day, the Florida secondary can rest a little, but the Tigers offense still puts up over 450 yards a game, and looks strikingly similar to last years Gators who won the national title.


If Ryan Perrilloux and Matt Flynn do not remind you of Tim Tebow and Chris Leak from last years Florida squad, then you either did not watch college football last year, or you realize Perrilloux is a better double threat this year than Tebow last year.  When Tebow came into games last year you, me, opposing coaches, and everyone at home knew Tebow was going to run and still no one could really stop him.  Advantage Perrilloux, as he has passed 28/37 402 yards 6td 1int while rushing 25 times143 yards and another score.  Teams cannot figure out exactly what to do, and LSU has a slew of backs they can put in to get yardage almost at their whim.


Now, the strength of the Tigers, the defense every team would kill for this year.  Giving up just over 6 points a game, 175 total yards a game, have allowed 1 passing touchdown this season, QB's are completing 41% of their passes and only managing a dismal 68 passer  Who would not like to have that backing you up on a bad offensive day?  I do not even know what else to say.  Until someone beats LSU this defense is perfect.


Prediction:  Florida won this game last year because of their defense.  That team is gone.  LSU hands Florida their first back to back losses since 2004 when Ron Zook was trying to ruin Gainesville..............31-14.  Sorry Gator fans.


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