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On Thursdays and Friday I intern for a legal entity in Washington, DC...needless to say the life of a law intern is HORRIFIC, no HORRENDOUSLY boring!  If you read this, and you can spare me/save me from becoming an attorney PLEASE HELP!  224 days until I graduate...so act fast, now on to the rants!

 1.  Why when I sign onto fannation do I have to hear about athletes and their baby momma drama...seriously though, I don't care!  As a UNC graduate and a resident of DC, I know plently of aspiring athlete baby momma's...PLEASE spare me and my fannation co-members from the continued nonsense!  It ain't easy being a baby-momma...these chicks go through A LOT..lmao, boy have I heard some stories!  It's funny how dudes on this board call baby-mommas all kinds of names...well, guys what do you consider the idiotic athletes who continue to sleep recklessly with random women...thats just NASTY!  And people ask me why I wouldn't touch an athlete with a ten foot pole...I DON'T LIKE HERPIES!

 2.  Is anyone else hype about the Holt boys meeting this weekend?  I AM!!!  Now, I have an older brother and I love him dearly....with this being said how do you play effective defense against your aging brother...I COULDN'T hit my brother, I just couldn't.  I think I would find myself just picking his little self up and carrying him backwards, or tripping him, but HITTING HIM...naw, impossible!!  Do you all think Terrence is going to knock the crap out of Torry?  After the injury suffered by the Bill's player I just couldn't risk messing up my bro.  So its a show down between the classic saying "blood is thicker than water" or the modern thought that "all is fair in pigskins and gridirons!"  For your records, I believe there are 21 brother combos in the NFL...interesting!

3.  I don't like Travis Henry...suspend his drug addicted baby producing behind!  At some point the Bronco's really have to say...we are going to conduct better background checks of our players..REALLY!  They are known for taking sketch players...heck they gave Maurice a second shoot...DUMMIES, and this year they brought in two free agents with interesting drug past....It's not surprising that the pot heads want Ricky in Denver...I could honestly see it going down.  Denver, all in all, like real talk...DO BETTER!  I wonder if its hard or easy for Jay Culter to lead questionables...hummm????

4.  So there have been A LOT of key injuries this season...almost every team is missing someone!  So WHAT is going on...does anyone else find it ironic that all of these injuries are popping off as the NFLPA is lobbying for better care for retired players and their massive injury recoveries...CONSPIRACY THEORY much?  Naw seriously though...as football becomes a larger market there is bound to be an increase in athletes and franchises pushing the limits and forcing early recoveries.  Eli was supposed to be out a while, Smith was supposed to be out...Bulger should have been out with the ribs, and this whole Kitna concussion is PERPLEXING!!!  I just don't think I agree with rushing players back onto the field so early into the season.  There is talk that Boldin is tryin to come back...ok dude, while you are the super Card, you AREN'T superman...fall back and heal!  I love football more than anyone, and I darn sure am the worlds greatest Card fan, but I do realize that long term goals outweigh the short term....rushing injury returns is a dumb short term investment bound to produce minimal returns.  End analysis...sit your behind out an extra week!

5.  So, on Wednesday I am sitting in my Con Law II class, preparing for the lecture (who am I kidding, updating my fannation blogs) when some random legal herb ask another random legal herb "did the Cardinals win this weekend?"  Well, first I'm thinkin...does he mean "Cards" (who says Cardinals..ew) secondly, I damn near chuckle as the second random herb says, let me google the scores (in random legal herb lingo mind you!)  Of course, being the Cards fan I am, I provided..."Cards won 21-14...great game, best moment came with Wilson's interception."  Now, clearly, I know what the hell I'm talkin about (well I think I do, I actually don't remember the score)...BUT leave it to random legal herb number two to say "are you sure"  both random legal herbs looked at me like I was crazy, perplexed that I knew sports.  Babes, don't let the pumps and arden B, Bebe and MAC fool ya, ya girl knows her pigskin....needless to say, MEN SUCK and should eat pooh!  Google your damn scores next time ****!

6.  Why is the Duke Lax team suing Nifong...seriously back up, sit down, and work on becoming relevant!  *WARNING, WARNING, WARNING* Do not mess with influential rich white people...you will go DOWN!  Is it not interestingly weird that Nifong has been disbarred and now sued for overzealous prosecution....what about the "good ole boys" from Jena, LA.  Overzealous prosecution much...six months in jail for a much deserved **** beating, hummm?

7.  Seriously, SI's photos entitled most disappointing college players is a BIT much....where is the NCAA when you need them.  This all strengthens my arguments against the NCAA and their steadfast hypocrisy.  Amatuerism my behind!!!  What is amatueristic about allowing collegiate players to be termed biggest disappointments...um someone had to license those photos so don't say the NCAA wont aware!  You know what the fact that there is a college football section on SI defeats amatuerism in itself...college football originated as a intramural sport desigend to transform boys into men, it was student lead....I don't think thats how it goes down today (we got multimillion dollar grown **** coaches, multibillion dollar brand endorsements)...so why does amatuerism still in existance (can we say conspiracy to keep tax-exempt status of the NCAA)...EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION MY ****....can we say hipocrisy much?  yo, what coach was that that went off on the media after one of his player's mothers wrote a letter complaining of how ardious practices were and how demanding their schedule was...and the coach was like this aint day camp its D 1 NCAA football....hummm, hipocrisy VERY much!!!!!!

8.  Is it just me or is Mark Cuban an idiot...he looks a bit ridiculous on Dancing with the stars...say it with me..'MARK CUBAN SIT DOWN!"

9.  So we all know I am pro-woman right...WHY SI oh WHY do you always have to give cheerleader's their own photo albums....ok, you wanna do this, then fine can the women who come to your page day in and day out have some eye candy....no justice no peace...EQUALITY in all aspects...I wanna see man **** (well pecks ya know what i mean!) 

10.  Gee I just turned in my brief and my supervisor said my first brief was better than most first year attorneys....WOW!  Goodbye, no more rants and raves!


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