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Last week, I had an absolutely abysmal Week 4 in the NFL with my picks going 5-9.  Some of those missed picks were just me being stupid like taking the Dolphins over the Raiders.  The other part of the missed picks last week was a really crazy week with teams like the Bills and Cardinals defeating the Jets and Steelers(respectively) that nobody saw coming.  I'm 38-24 for the year which is a 61% winning percentage, which is not that good.  Anyways, I'm hoping to pull that winning percentage up this week.  Here are my picks for Week 5 in the NFL.

Dophins @ Texans

Let's be honest, the Dolphins are just horrible team with an old defense and a dysfunctional offense.  I think the Texans have a lot of success pounding Ahman Green or Ron Dayne up the middle.  Also, the Texans should be able to reestablish the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and I expect the Texans to get back on track by beating the hell out of the Dolphins.

Jaguars @ Chiefs

This is one of those tossup games.  I think that the Jaguars are the better team, but the game is in Arrowhead, which is a really tough place to play.  I think that the Jaguars will win the battle at the line of scrimmage, but the Chiefs are a different offense with Dwayne Bowe in at wide receiver.  I'm going to take the Jaguars, but I expect this game to be really close.

Jets @ Giants

The Giants defensive coordinator(however you spell his name) did an excellent job of bringing pressure and mixing it up against the Ealges.  The one worry with the Giants defense is the run defense, but the Jets can't run the ball so that won't be an issue.  I expect Chad Pennington to be under constant pressure by the Giants defense as Thomas Jones gets nowhere in the running game.  As for the Jets defensively, they haven't been able to create any pressure.  Eli Manning has shown that he can be a good quarterback in this league and I expect him to have a nice game.  Also, Derrick Ward has had quite a bit of success running the ball and the Giants offensive line has done a nice job.  I like the Giants to cruise against the Jets.

Cardinals @ Rams

As of now, the Rams are the worst team in the NFL.  I'm officially on the Cardinals bandwagon and I love the new attitude that Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm bring to the Cardinals franchise.  The Rams have had no success running the ball with such a dismal offensive line and the Rams quarterbacks should get killed against a very good Arizona defense.  On the other side of the ball, the Cardinals should take control against a bad Rams front 7.  I think Matt Leinart has a great game as the Cardinals decapitate the Rams

Lions @ Redskins

Even though the Lions are 3-1, they've turned the ball over a lot and the one thing the Redskins do is that the Redskins do a great job of not turning the ball over.  I think that the Lions offense will struggle against a pretty good Redskins defense.  I think that Greg Williams will dial up some blitzes to try and create turnovers with some success against the Lions.  However, I think that the Lions get some big plays down the field with Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson.  I think that the Redskins ability to run the ball should allow them to win the game in a buzzer beater.

Falcons @ Titans

I've been wrong about Joey Harrington 2 times and I've been right about Joey Harrington 2 times, Joey Harrington still sucks.  I expect the bad Joey Harrington to show up against the Titans this week.  I think Jeff Fischer will have that Titans defense ready to play and they should be able to force Harrington into some mistakes.  For the Titans offensively, I think the Titans rushing attack should be able to wear down that Falcons defense as the Titans roll to 3-1 at home.

Chargers @ Broncos

The Broncos run defense is dreadful and I expect LaDanian Tomlinson to take advantage of that fact.  I also expect that Chargers defense to get it going this week against the Broncos.  The Chargers have too much talent to be 1-3.  I don't care how bad of a coach Norv Turner is, at some point, the Chargers will have to explode on somebody and get back on track.  I think that this week will be that week as I expect the Chargers defeat the Broncos.

Ravens @ 49ers

That Ravens defense is still a very good defense and I expect the Ravens defense to eat Trent Dilfer alive.  The main weakness about the Ravens is that their cornerbacks are suseptable to big plays over the top, but the 49ers don't have the wide receivers to take advantage of the Ravens bad cornerback play.  As for Steve McNair, I expect him to struggle against a tough 49er defense.  This will be a slugfest between two very good defensive teams and two bad offenses.  I like the Ravens to come out on top because they have the better defense in a close game.

Bears @ Packers

The Bears have no shot at beating the Packers this Sunday.  The Bears can't run the ball, they can't throw the ball and they're up against a very good Packer defense.  As for the Packers offensively, they should have a tough time moving the ball against a good Bears defense, but the Packers won't turn the ball over.  That Packer defense should get 5 turnovers as the Pack win comfortably.

Cowboys @ Bills

The Bills are one of the worse teams in the NFL.  That Cowboys offense should be able to move the ball at will against a bad Bills defense.  The Cowboys defense should get a huge lift from Greg Ellis coming back from injury as he and DeMarcus Ware absolutely kill Trent Edwards.  The Cowboys are just too good for the Bills as the Bills get clobbered.


Panthers @ Saints

Even though the Panthers aren't very good, the Saints just suck.  They've got no shot.  The Panthers defensive line should re-establish the line of scrimmage about two or three yards in the Saints backfield.  As for the Panthers offensively, I expect Steve Smith to rip through a horrible Saints defense like a hot knife through butter.  I also expect DeAngelo Williams and DeShaun Foster to have a big day against the Saints.  The reason I think that this game'll be close is that this is one of those division games.  However, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Panthers end up blowing out the Saints.


Seahawks @ Steelers

For some reason, I'm still not sold on the Seahawks.  Shaun Alexander will have no success running the ball against the Steelers.  However, I think the Seahawks have some decent success throwing against the Steelers.  On the other side of the ball, I like the Steelers to try to pound the ball with Willie Parker against that smallish Seahawks defensive front.  I expect that Steelers offensive line to wear down the Seahawks front 7 as the Steelers pull away towards the end of a close one.


Browns @ Patriots

I like what the Browns are doing over there, but they've got no shot against the best team in football.  The Browns have been reliant on big plays over the past 3 weeks, but Asante Samuel and Adalius Thomas should keep Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow in check.  Mike Vrabel and Roosevelt Colvin should be able to put some pressure on Derek Anderson and force him into some mistakes.  As for the Browns defense, I expect the Patriots to be able to run the ball at will against the Browns horrible run defense.  The Browns secondary has played well over the past two weeks, but they'll get burned by Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, and Wes Welker.


Buccaneers @ Colts

I like the Bucs in a close one.  I think that the way the Buccaneers are going to play defense is going to force the Colts to go to their checkdowns and their running game.  However, I think that the Bucs defense will be able to use their bend but don't break style to keep the Colts out of the end zone enough times to give the Bucs offense a chance to win.  As for the Bucs offense, I expect Jeff Garcia to have some big plays down the field to Joey Galloway as the Bucs pull of the upset of the week in a close game against the Colts.


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