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"I like the Tigers in this game(I'm a Tiger fan) but I don't think it will be a blowout. 31-14 just doesn't feel right seeing how LSU has struggled the past two weeks. (By LSU fans standards) They didnt thoroughly demolish South Carolina like we expected. Flynn didn't look to great coming off of his ankle injury. And then in the first half of the Tulane game, LSU was pathetic. 10 points, 10 penalties, -11 rush yards, 85 yards of total offense and Flynn was sacked four times. They did win the game, but that first half still looms in the minds of Tiger fans.

I say:


-Mac 10/6/07 From This Blog: LSU vs Florida-Game of the Week

Actual Result of Saturday Night's Game:

LSU: 28

FLA: 24

BAM!!!!!! I called it baby! One point differential for both teams! Near perfect outlook and prediction on the game!!!


Saturday night, both Les Miles and Jacob Hester solidified themselves as Tiger gods. Les Miles made gutsy call after gutsy call all night long, and Jacob Hester played tackle me if you can with the Florida defense.

At halftime, the Tigers trailed 17-7. LSU's defense had allowed the Gators to score three times out of their four drives. Tim Tebow was orchestrating perfect drives on the #1 defense in the country. At that point, I was a little ansy.

LSU opened up the 2nd half with what they needed, a TD. But to my disbelief, Florida answered back. On a five play 75 yard drive, the Gators came back with a massive counter punch. 24-14.

Les Miles had rolled the dice a few times during the game and did not fail to do it again in the 4th. Several times he sent his offense out on 4th down, and each time Jacob Hester inched out a first. LSU put up points in the late moments of Saturday night's game to take a four point lead with 1:09 left. LSU's defense had stiffened up mightily in the 2nd half and did not break for the final drive.

This next few lines are directed at Tim Tebow even though he will never read this:

Bet you feel like total crap after tonight's loss. I bet you wish you hadn't of taunted the crowd in the 1st half after scoring some TD's. It was the wrong stadium to do that in. And it was sure as hell the wrong team to do it against. Your NC hopes are dead. Have a good rest of the season.

Moving on, Nation...

USC lost tonight. It's slighty surprising to see it come to Standford. At #2, they more than likely will drop to the bottom of the Top 10. Florida had lost last week to Auburn, but only dropped to #9. Cal sat idle today at #3, so as of tommorow LSU will finally be the indesputable #1. USC fans have nothing to gripe about now. They lost to an unranked opponent, and LSU defeated the defending National Champions.

Next week is going to be a huge test. LSU travels to play the Wildcats of Kentucky. Woodson is a legit Heisman candidate and looks to be a major threat to LSU's defense. The SEC is a wild conference and a loss can come at any time. LSU got themselves a gigantic amount of momentum after tonight.

I Say: LSU-30 KY-17


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