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Hello and welcome to the first SoccerNation Report of the year!  Each day I will give you a look into the news, rumors, and results that you want to know about.  Let's get started!




Gallas Injury Scare- The following is not a joke.  But it is rather hilarious.  French defender William Gallas, who is nursing a calf injury already, rolled his dune buggy during a bonding outing and nearly broke his arm by breaking the fall if you will.  This comes after manager Raymond Domenech made his players scale a glacier in the Alps.  France really aren't in the greatest spot here as it is.  If Domenech keeps this craziness up, he may not have any players to use in South Africa. 


 The France squad take part in a dune buggy race



Frey to England?- Fiorentina goalkeeper Sebastien Frey has opened himself to a potential move because of incentives.  Fiorentina failed to make the Champions League for a second season in a row and now Frey may want out.  Clubs such as Manchester United and Arsenal are in need of a top-tier goalkeeper, and this makes them potential places for him to move to.  Frey did not make the France World Cup squad, which is honestly one of the top travesties in the world of football.  He is truly one of the top goalkeepers in the world and would become a top 5 keeper on either of these teams.  Plus, both teams would have a long-term option that would provide consistency and brilliance.  If this guy becomes available it would be stupid to not sign him if given the chance.  He is worth the money.




James in at Pompey?- David James has been tipped as a surprising replacement for Avram Grant at Portsmouth as manager.  The goalkeeper is reportedly keen to take over at Fratton Park but is an unlikely choice.  Administrator Andrew Andronikou points to the lack of managerial experience as a deterrent to James' bid to become manager.  The potential manager will be in South Africa with England for the World Cup.  I will continue to update you on this situation.



Benitez & Benayoun to Leave?- Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has shot down reports that he would take a big money (and mansion) move to the United Arab Emirates.  After the filling of the Juve job, Rafa looks set to stay at Anfield for another season.  One of his better players last season is being linked with Chelsea according to the wonderful and always correct Harry Harris.  Yossi Benayoun is set to move to Chelsea for 6 million pounds.  People, please don't make anything out of this.  Benayoun has been rock-solid for Liverpool and sure as heck won't be moving to a rival like Chelsea.  When would he play?  Probably right before Joe Cole went in, which isn't much really.  Another problem is the reported transfer amount.  To me, Benayoun is much more valuable than that and that should be considered a slap in the face for Liverpool.  I don't think either man will go anywhere to be truthful.  I also don't see the squad being added to, either.



Today's World Cup Friendly Results and Fixtures


Australia 2 (Vidosic, Holman), New Zealand 1 (Killen)

Japan 0, South Korea 2 (Sung, Park)

Portugal vs. Cape Verde Islands- 2:30 PM

South Africa vs. Bulgaria- 2:35 PM

Argentina vs. Canada- 3:30 PM

England vs. Mexico- 3:00 PM







This has been the SoccerNation Report.  I hope you liked.  See you tomorrow.  It's been Keeper and I'm out.


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