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Rejoice!  1-5!  Notre Dame has won a game!  Don't thank Charlie.  He cost Notre Dame a touchdown.  Don't thank the offense.  They only gained 140 yards.  Thank the defense.

Maurice Crum had the biggest game of his career.  2 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, one fumble forced, one sacks, and 7 tackles.  Oh yeah, did I mention he returned one for a touchdown?  Yeah.  He had a good game.  Crum's awareness was amazing this game.  He was always in the right place at the right time.  The defense only allowed 6 points.

The Irish did get some help.  The Bruins' starting QB Drew Olsen got hurt when Tom Zbikowski nailed him and forced a fumble.  McLeod Bethel-Thompson, a sophmore walk-on, came in.  Karl Dorrell could have sent in another QB, but he had a redshirt on.  Dorrell decided to send in the inexperienced walk-on.  That didn't work out.

Thompson ended up throwing four interceptions.  Dorrell screwed this up.  He could of sent in a scholarship player, but now he's stuck with a walk-on for the next three to four weeks.  He is one of the worst coaches in the country.  He always makes decisions that end up hurting his team.  Today, it was no different.  Saving a player's eligibility is useless now.  The starter is out for three to four weeks, so now they will rely on a bad walk-on in the Pac 10?  That's not gonna cut it.

Even though Notre Dame fans want to celebrate this win, we need to look toward next week.  Boston College is a top 5 program this year.  Their offense is unstoppable, but they haven't faced a defense with as much momentum.  The linebackers have finally picked it up.  If Notre Dame is to win this game, they need to establish the running game early.  James Aldridge was good last night.  He is our best player on offense.  He NEEDS to get going early.  Today, Notre Dame tried to open up the deep ball too early, and it killed it for the rest of the game.  Golden Tate didn't catch a pass this week.  He had 104 yards last week.  If the run game gets going, the safeties will have to move up, which will give Golden Tate one-on-one matchups.  This needs to happen for Notre Dame to pull off another upset.

Another thing, ABC completely screwed this up.  They gave the country Purdue-Ohio State.  What a great game that was!  Every Notre Dame fan outside of California, Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Chicago had to watch this good game on ESPN360.  Even after the Ohio State game ended, you went to the news.  No, I do not care about a cat stuck in a well or the kids at Northridge Middle School's talent show.  No one cares.  Let's see some football instead of rtv6's useless news.

Before Notre Dame upset UCLA, another upset happened right down the street.  Stanford prevailed over USC 24-23.  I'm not sure what I was more estatic about.  Notre Dame getting its first win, or USC losing to a bad team.  Stanford is really bad.  They are one of the cupcakes on Notre Dame's schedule.  USC is in trouble.

USC still has Cal, Oregon, UCLA, Notre Dame, Arizona State, and Arizona.  Arizona is the only mediocre team on there.  Drew Olsen will be back for UCLA.  Oregon, Cal, and Arizona State are all major contenders in the Pac 10.  No one will question Notre Dame's momentum.

Ahhh.  What a good day.  USC loses.  Notre Dame wins.  Can you think of a better day in football?  I can't.


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