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   Things aren't looking so good for the USC football team, as it seems apparent that the Trojans will be penalized in the Reggie Bush fiasco. If Bush is found guilty of accepting gifts (and we aren't talking gift cards or candy; we're talking about things like houses and cars), USC will probably have to vacate their wins from Bush's tenure at the school, from 2003 to 2005. That would be a total of 37 victories, 3 PAC-10 titles, and, most imporantly, the 2004 BCS National Title.

   The other day when I first heard that USC might have to give up the '04 BCS Title, I saw someone say that it should be rewarded to the Auburn Tigers. If you'll remember back in 2004, the Auburn Tigers went 13-0, only had a few games that were not complete blowouts, won the SEC Title outright, and still missed a chance to play for the BCS Title. Instead it was USC vs. Oklahoma, a game that ended with a 55-19 victory for the Trojans. If the same situation would have occurred today, Auburn would have been the clear #1 team in the title.

   Honestly, I see taking the title away from USC and awarding it to Auburn as just a media stunt, as it's not going to make a difference for the Tigers. They didn't get to the Title Game, they didn't play USC or Oklahoma, and they didn't leave the stadium holding the crystal ball trophy. The only difference this could make for Auburn is that they might put up a plaque somewhere on campus announcing a title from 6 years ago. Although I see awarding this title now as pointless, it got me thinking. What if this whole scandal had came out during the 2004 season? If this would have happen before the bowl season, how would the 2004 college football season have changed? What I think would have happened would have not only changed the 2004 season; It would have changed the entire college football world as we know it today. Five teams in particular would be completely different today: Auburn, USC, Florida, Alabama, and Texas Tech.

Auburn - The chance of winning a national title is just what the doctor ordered for Tommy Tuberville. It's been clear that he hasn't been on the longest leash as Tigers head coach, as just the previous season it was leaked out that Auburn's higher officials had met with Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino about replacing Tuberville. All this is dead and gone after January 4, 2005, as Auburn beats Oklahoma 28-17. With a national title under his belt, Auburn gives Tommy Tuberville a long contract extension, making him an even richer man. Tuberville still walks the Auburn sidelines to this day.

USC - As the scandal comes out as USC awaits for the bowl schedule to be announced, it becomes clear that none of the BCS voters are still willing to put USC in the title game. As it's still not clear how much actually occurred, the voters place USC in the Rose Bowl against Michigan. After the bowl win head coach Pete Carroll sees his ship is sinking fast and accepts the San Francisco 49ers head coaching position. Knowing that they could still continue their dynasty, Trojans AD Mike Garrett looks for a young head coach with a bright future ahead of him. He finds a head coach that fits the bill: Utah head coach Urban Meyer. His first two seasons are spent under probation with no TV appearances or bowl games, but even in these tough times USC is still dominant. After all the penalties end, USC picks up right where it left off before, winning back-to-back titles in 2007 and 2008.

Florida - With their top candidate to replace Ron Zook gone to USC, Florida needs to find a quality head coach quick. Do they turn back to Steve Spurrier? No. Instead they hire a man mentioned earlier, Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino. After three 10 win seasons at Florida, Petrino bolts for the NFL. As you see, the events described here change, not the people themselves. Florida then promotes longtime Defensive Coordinator Charlie Strong to the position. Two SEC Championships and one National Title later, Strong is still seen as "Savior in the Swamp".

Alabama - Auburn's dominance of the SEC and Alabama in particular leads to struggles for the Crimson Tide. This leads to the firing of alum Mike Shula in 2006. With the big names on their radar, the Crimson Tide reach out to Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban. Saban isn't blind, as he can see that Auburn has a stranglehold on the SEC West and could for years to come. Saban declines the opportunity, stays in Miami for 5 more seasons, and then replaces the retiring Bill Belichick in New England. Seeing their top candidate turn them away, Alabama then hires Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach. Leach leads them to respectable years, but never really puts them over the top. Leach appears to be on the hot seat this year.

Texas Tech - Fans and faculty mourn as Leach leaves Lubbock. Trying to hire a name with tradition at the school, Texas Tech promotes co-Offensive Coordinator Sonny ****, son of Texas Tech legend Spike ****, as head coach. It becomes clear quickly that Sonny is not ready to be a head coach, as Texas Tech struggles through two 3-9 seasons. It looks like he would have been better suited for a smaller school to start off, like a WAC team. The Red Raiders go 5-7 in 2009 and then fire Sonny ****. It looks like Texas Tech's years as contenders are over, and they settle with Dennis Franchione as head coach.


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