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The undefeated teams went 11-3 this week.  The mighty Trojans lost at home (weird enough right?) to STANFORD!!!  The remaining perfect D-1 schools are:  Boston College, Missouri, Kansas, Cincinnati, Connecticut, South Florida, Ohio State, Arizona State, California, LSU, and Hawaii.  Let's recap the rest of the top-25.

(1) LSU 28 vs. (9) Florida 24- I predicted a 31-14 LSU romp, and was way off.  Clearly this was the game of the week, and to the Florida fans.........the next couple of years look very bright.  Next:  (1) LSU @ (17) Kentucky   (13) Florida @ (17) Kentucky 10/20.

(2) USC 23 vs. Stanford 24- Enough said.  Maybe Pete Carroll can talk people into a playoff system if this game keeps them out of the national title.  Next:  (10) USC vs. Arizona    Stanford vs. TCU.

(3) California- Idle.  Next:  (2) California vs. Oregon State

(4) Ohio State 23 @ (23) Purdue 7- The Buckeyes simply dominated this game.  Purdue had 138 yards in the 4th beating their first three quarters by 8 yards.  Ohio State was :10 away from a shutout.  Next: (3) Ohio State vs. Kent State   Purdue @ Michigan.

(5) Wisconsin 26 @ Illinois 31- The Illini controlled this game start to finish, and Wisconsin's sluggish play finally caught up with them.  Next:  (19) Wisconsin @ Penn State    (18) Illinois @ Iowa.

(6) South Florida 35 @ FAU 23- Down only 4 points going into the 4th, FAU gave USF all they had.  USF finds ways to win late.  Next:  (5) USF vs. UCF   FAU @ ULL.

(7) Boston College 55 vs. Bowling Green 24- BC is one week removed from getting onto the heart of their ACC schedule.  Does Notre Dame get revenge this week for 1993?  Next:  (4) Boston College @ Notre Dame   BG @ Miami (OH).

(8) Kentucky 23 @ (11) South Carolina 38- The Wildcats Cinderella story hits a snag, and only looks to get worse with home games against LSU and Florida in the next two weeks.  The Gamecocks improve to 3-1 in SEC play.  Next:  (17) Kentucky vs. (1) LSU    (7) South Carolina @ North Carolina.

(10) Oklahoma 28 vs. (19) Texas 21- Looking at this game again, Mccoy did not do that bad.  Jamaal Charles' fumble at the OU 2 and tipped ball that led to Mccoy's interception, is what really costs the Longhorns.  Next:  (6) Oklahoma vs. (11) Missouri    (23) Texas vs. Iowa State.

(12) Georgia 14 vs. Tennessee 35- Georgia will not succeed with Matthew Stafford at QB.  Luckily for the Bulldogs they do not play LSU this year.  The Volunteers get themselves back into the thick of the SEC with their first conference win of the season.  Next:  (25) Tennessee @ Mississippi State   (24) Georgia @ Vanderbilt.

(13) West Virginia 55 @ Syracuse 14- Syracuse gets brought back to Big East reality.  Next:  (8) West Virginia vs. Mississippi State 10/20   Syracuse vs. Rutgers.

(14) Oregon- Idle.  Next:  (9) Oregon vs. Washington State.

(15) Virginia Tech 41 @ (22) Clemson 23- From Clemson's last drive in the 3rd quarter they picked up 195 of their offensive yards and 14 of their points.  Slop time stats, as Va. Tech controlled the whole way.  Next: (12) Virginia Tech @ Duke    Clemson vs. Central Michigan.

(16) Hawaii 52 vs. Utah State 37- Whatever, Hawaii won.  Without a sick stat line by Colt Brennan, NO ONE CARES!!!  Next:  (16) Hawaii @ San Jose State   Utah State vs. Nevada 10/20.

(17) Missouri 41 vs. (25) Nebraska 6- The Tigers are hot, but did anyone really think the Cornhuskers were this bad?  Next: (11) Missouri @ (6) Oklahoma   Nebraska vs. Oklahoma State.

(18) Arizona State 23 @ Washington State 20- Last minute field goals may not cut it for ASU who plays Washington, California, and Oregon in the next four weeks.  Next:  (14) Arizona State vs. Washington   Washington State @ (9) Oregon.

(20) Cincinnati 28 @ (21) Rutgers 23- The Bearcats take down one of the Big East favorites, and hope they and USF can meet undefeated for their meeting on 11/03.  Next:  (15) Cincinnati vs. Louisville    Rutgers @ Syracuse.

(24) Kansas State 24 vs. Kansas 30- Not the way to follow up an upset of 7th ranked Texas in Austin.  Kansas wins for the first time since 1989 in Manhattan.  Next:  Kansas State vs. Colorado    (20) Kansas vs. Baylor.

Some upsets loom in the near future, and the polls get shaken hard for the second straight week.  Four top-10 teams lose, proving that no one is safe.  Since the talent level is starting to be spread more evenly throughout, is D-1 college football finally ready for a serious discussion for a playoff system.  One can only hope.


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