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Today was a GREAT day in Washington (technically Landover, MD) as the Redskins demolished the Detroit Lions.  The Lions had come into the game as the number one passing offense, BUT had given up 15 sacks over the last two games giving up ANOTHER five in today's game.  Portis carred 18 times for 72 yards while Campbell compted 22 of 29 passes for 248 yards and TWO TDs.  Antwaan Randle El caught 7 balls for 100 yards (14.3 YPC Avg) and could have had more, but left the game with a leg injury.  The injury didn't seem serious which is good news for the 'Skins who had Keenan McCardell (signed on 10/1/07) and Reche Caldwell playing in the game as Santana Moss sat out the game with a quadriceps injury.

ANYWAY, let's get on with the a$s whooping the Redskins put on the Lions.  Andre Carter was a menace the ENTIRE game and showed his prowess on one play in particular as he tossed Jeff Backus to the ground with one arm (the move is specifically known as a "hump" move) and Kitna ran from Carter, slipping as he went.  Carter landed on top of him netting two points and a sack (the safety was the FIRST of his 7 year career).  Roy Williams, Mike Furrey, Calvin Johnson, and Shaun MacDonald were held to a total of 13 catches between them. 

Redskins Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams went against his norm of HEAVY blitzing allowing his front four to put pressure on Kitna while he dropped six or seven guys into coverage.  Forty-eight yards was all the Redskins allowed in the first half and 96 in the second half while scoring ONLY three points.

Mike Sellers, the Redskins 284 lb fullback, scored TWICE in this game on a one yard carry and an eight yard catch.  His total for the day was five carries for 24 yards and three catches for 36 yards as well as lead blocking on MANY a run play.  Oh and one of my FAVORITE plays by Sellers was him TRUCKING Kenoy Kennedy.  Kennedy (semi-cognizant after the vicious hit) was able to hold on to Sellers' ankle enough to slow him down as he rumbled down the field on a catch that covered 24 yards.

Back to the defense which absolutely stifled the seemingly unstoppable Lions offense.  Rogers with about one minute remaining jumped a route intercepting Kitna and taking it back 61 yards for a TD that made the score 34-3 putting another nail in the Lions' coffin.  The Lions who converted only ONE third down the entire game (1-10 3rd downs) had only 76 passing yards and 68 rushing yards.  Kitna (3) and Cason (1) had a total of FOUR fumbles, unfortunately all were recovered by the Lions (one on a bit of a technicality when McIntosh's knee hit the ball before he could re-establish himself in bounds).

Oh and a GREAT call on a 4th and 2 early in the game was something I was proud to see.  Campbell bulleted a beautiful pass to Randle El who ran a slant route.  El took it 37 yards to set up the first Redskins touchdown.  Also, Sean Taylor picked off his 2nd pass this season after only intercepting two all of last year.


Anyway, that's enough from me.  Next week is the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau at 1:00 PM EST.  Hope everyone who saw the game enjoyed it (besides, I guess, Lions' fans)...I know I enjoyed it.


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