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To anyone who wants to complain about Cena being shoved down your throat, or Triple H holding down and burying talent, or whoever is the flavor of the week to be fed up with, let me give you some advice. Maybe instead of blaming the wrestlers who are doing their job performing 300 days a year and drawing large gates and buyrates for the company, you should be blaming Vince McMahon. Every major creative decision comes from Vince.

Do you honestly think that Vince would push Triple H just because he's married to Stephanie if Vince thought it would not be good for business? And for that matter do you think Triple H himself would agree to be the top guy if he thought someone else would be a better choice at the time? He's a lot more mature than most people give him credit for and he proved it tonight when he put Orton over clean.

As for Cena, he wasn't the one writing the creative and booking the finish to all his matches; Vince was. Cena just performed and did countless promotional appearances because he wanted to do a good job, and he proved that by finishing the match and the post-match spots when he got hurt.

Now we've got Orton as the champion. A lot of people don't like him because he's not very affable to fans and has constantly gotten in trouble. He certainly was in no position to demand a title reign. The reason he has the belt now is because Vince and the creative team think he can make money for the company as a heel champion with faces chasing.

The point is this. All these top guys are at the top for a reason. The reason that green undercard guys are not main eventing is because Vince doesn't think they can carry the company. It's not Triple H's fault, it's not Cena's, and it's not Orton's. What is the point of bad mouthing top talent when Vince is the guy making the decisions? Internet marks might go crazy if a guy like Steven Richards or Val Venis was given the championship, but those marks are just one demographic in the huge pool of the WWE audience and Vince will not cater to them at the expense of making money, nor should he. Those marks will never be satisfied with the product Vince offers, but they see fit to take out their frustration on the performers instead of Vince himself. If you don't like those top superstars that's your perogative, but maybe you should be venting about Vince's decision making instead of blaming the performers themselves. If you're a WWE fan you should enjoy the talent it features, face or heel, because they are great performers. And if you don't like what you see, you should be intelligent enough to identify Vince McMahon as the source of your dissatisfaction and watch a different promotion's show instead.


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