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October 7,2007- Angel Stadium, Red Sox(2-0) vs Angels(0-2) Game 3 Of The 2007 ALDS

Weaver vs. Schilling

BOS (3-0)000200070 9100  FinalLAA (0-3)000000001 180 W: C. Schilling (1-0) L: J. Weaver (0-1)

Boston Red SoxHittersABRHRBIBBSOLOBAVGD Pedroia 2B4111111.154K Youkilis 1B4011012.250D Ortiz DH3221110.714   a-E Hinske PH-DH1000011.000M Ramirez LF2111201.375J Ellsbury PR-LF1100001.000M Lowell 3B4121001.333J Drew RF4101013.182J Varitek C4111022.182C Crisp CF4012022.200J Lugo SS3110101.300Totals3491095915

Los Angeles AngelsHittersABRHRBIBBSOLOBAVGC Figgins CF4010002.231O Cabrera SS4020002.250V Guerrero RF3000102.200G Anderson LF1000001.222R Willits LF2000113.000K Morales 1B4000002.111M Izturis 3B4130000.333H Kendrick 2B3001002.200J Rivera DH3010011.333   a-N Haynes PH1000010.000M Napoli C3010022.167   b-R Quinlan PH1000000.000Totals331812517

Boston Red SoxPitchersIP H RERBBSOHRPC-STERAC Schilling (W, 1-0)7.0600140100-760.00H Okajima1.010010023-140.00E Gagne1.011101012-79.00Totals9.0811250135-97

Los Angeles AngelsPitchersIP H RERBBSOHRPC-STERAJ Weaver (L, 0-1)5.042235295-603.60S Shields2.001113030-212.25J Speier0.134410020-1227.00D Oliver0.222200013-1127.00D Moseley1.010001010-70.00Totals9.01099592168-111

Gamechanger- Curt Schilling

Play Of The Game- The entire 8th inning for the Red Sox.

What Happened?

Complete and utter domination by the Red Sox,that's what happened. The Red Sox already had the advantage coming in to game 3. Even though the Angels had the best home record in the A.L. during the season, the Red Sox were up 2-0 and they had Curt Schilling taking the ball, who is one of the best clutch pitchers of this generation. The first 3 innings were nothing special. Both pitchers got into jams but they both got out of them. The 4th inning was the beginning of the end for the Angels. First, Ortiz lead off the inning with a 1-0 pitch hammered into rightfield for a solo shot. Next, Manny had a fantastic at-bat. He got down 0-2, then took 3 balls, then fouled off 2 more pitches, then smashed the next pitch into dead CF for another solo shot. The 1-2 knockout punch goes back-to-back for the first time this postseason. May not be the last.

That is one of the reasons why I think Manny matters more to the Red Sox than Ortiz. If Manny isn't lurking behind Ortiz, you can go after Ortiz more carefully and not have to worry about Manny up next. Even if you do still give up a HR. Weaver calmed down after that, pitching 3 shutout innings. He did his job. He controlled the game. Too bad Curt Shilling was dominating the game. He was pitching like it was 2004. The only real jam he got in was in the 3rd, when the Angels loaded up the bases. But Willits popped up to third base, ending the threat and the inning.

Scot Shields came in to pitch in the 7th inning and he looked like his old self. But in the 8th, it was a different story. As that "great Angels bullpen" suffered a meltdown for the ages. Here was the top of the 8th(WARNING: May couse blindness for Angel fans)

Boston - Top of 8thScoreScot Shields pitching for Los AngelesBOSLAAJ Lugo walked.20J Speier relieved S Shields.20D Pedroia doubled to deep left, J Lugo scored, D Pedroia to third advancing on throw.30K Youkilis hit sacrifice fly to center, D Pedroia scored.40D Ortiz singled to left.40M Ramirez walked, D Ortiz to second.40J Ellsbury ran for M Ramirez.40M Lowell doubled to left, D Ortiz scored, J Ellsbury to third.50D Oliver relieved J Speier.50J Drew grounded into fielder's choice to first, J Ellsbury scored, M Lowell to third.60J Varitek doubled to center, M Lowell scored, J Drew to third.70C Crisp singled to center, J Drew and J Varitek scored.90J Lugo popped out to first.90D Pedroia grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, C Crisp out at second.907 Runs, 5 Hits, 0 Errors

Just a beatdown. That was the final nail in the coffin for the 2007 Angels. They were officially done. Actually they weren't officially done until this: A Rob Quinlan fly ball to right off Eric Gagne. So...

Red Sox 9 Angels 1

Well, at least I got one pick right. My prediction for this game was 8-1, Red Sox. Close enough. The Angels,on the other hand, made me look more moronic then I already am. They just didn't play well. They couldn't get the big hit, that "great bullpen" didn't even show up, and they couldn't even field well. With that being said, the Red Sox just owned the Angels in every aspect of the game. I'll once again use this word, DOMINATION.

So, my WS pick of Angels over Padres in 6 games went horribly wrong. One team didn't even make the playoffs and the other got their doors blown off by the team I hate. So, for now, these are my new picks:

Red Sox Over Rockies In 4 Games

Oh..yeah, and I wanted this blog to be alittle longer and more in depth but the website went down when I tried to post this the first time. And I really don't have time to re-type everything.

I'm done.


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