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kryptonian GSP is King


Well, need I say more with this picture. Duffman learned a big lesson last night (I hope). Three rounds of total domination and then you get caught one time, guess you can't handle it as well as you dish it out. Maybe Duffee learns from this mistake though. He needs to work on his conditioning more because those hulking muscles are suckin oxygen like it's going out of style. His hands got low and he ate a blow. Haha on myself for the lame sing sound.


Doesn't that look like a winner? Ok, this is the robbery I was talking about. I have a brief conspiracy theory about the UFC machine. The bad decision are getting more and more horrible and I found an obvious pattern. Ok, look at the way they bill fighters as contenders......Hamill beat Bisping which was obvious to anyone, but, that went to a DEC and Bisping got the nod. Why? Because at the time the UFC was building Bisping as this HUGE UK prospect for its overseas market. He was a poster boy. Fights have a trend of going that way if the "loser" (as in winner according to judges) is a "contender".....Not convinced, Rua beats Machida which everyone also saw, except the judges! It goes to a DEC and Machida gets the nod because the UFC machine was promoting him as this "awe" of an unbeatable champ. They give him the nod and you get an automatic grudge match where Dana still hopes his big ticket can at least make it to a decision. It's always with contenders or "money" champs. Brilz beats Lil Nog but Nog is being billed as a huge prospect with a rematch w/Rua on the horizon. Nog gets the Nod when he clearly lost. I can be an immpartial judge....I have a well known hatred for Penn but I scored him winning over Edgar in that decision. (Don't rebutt that fight, UFC money could have been aiming for a money making grudge rematch) Horrible, I saw several others on our board that agreed last night.

One more picture of Brilz amazing showing ....


Lastly, the grudge match! Rampage failed to back-up his mouth and when he had Rashad stoned he sat back and let him recover. Does Rashad look tilted....?


Yeah, Evans is saying ouch but he had already clearly took the first two rounds. Now Rua will kill him for us, like Machida did but maybe even worse! I am happy about that repreave at least.

And on to the Pick em winner and scores!


Back in full swing, I think we have ring rust!

ScottC with 12 points!

Newcomer ghdivstyler with 13 points!

Jim77 and Army of Adam with 18 points each!

Then a mild jump, Krypto and Roni with 26 each!

DW aka Dallas with 27!

Red Dragon with a good return of 28!

KTFOd scores a 30!

MattUSA (I believe in his pick em debut) with second place and 31 points!

SJ Pete, previously a habitually low scorer whips our ass with 33 points. Forgive me if I'm wrong about the habitually low scoring part. I know we used to have a low scorer and I thought it was often you.

Word to the wise, if anyone had picked Brilz I would have awarded you the points because Brilz took a hard, short notice fight and owned it.


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