Thoughts From the Mind of a Cheezhead

Well, there's a lot of stuff in the last couple days I feel like blogging about, so I'm going to throw them all into this super-blog.


College Football

1) Tell me if this makes sense. In the first week of games, the defending 2-in-a-row Division 1-AA Appalachian State team comes in and upsets the #5 Michigan Wolverines. The Wolverines drop more than 20 spots and out of the polls, and I don't think they've made it back in yet. Now on Saturday, #2 USC gets stunned by 41-point underdog Stanford. They drop only 8 spots and remain in the Top 10. What?

My thought: USC, if anywhere, should be down by #20, after seeing what happened to Michigan. USC just is up there because the rankings is a popularity contest, and the people who make the rankings like to think the Trojans are the best team out there every year.

2) Notre Dame. They won't lose every game this year (I know a lot of people out there are dissapointed). But this season is full of surprises, so miracles can happen.

My thought: Irish fans, celebrate now, but don't expect a late season swing going on. ND still hasn't convinced me they can win on a weekly basis.


Post-Season Baseball

1) Joe Torre. The Boss told him "win, or your out". Well, they went home to NY and won. But Torre isn't safe until they win 2 more times.

My thought: If they get eliminated in the first round again, I'm thinking George isn't going to have it with Torre and give him the boot. Heck, maybe he should be manager, because it seems like he knows what he's doing.

2) October Drama. Not happening. 3 sweeps, one series possibly closing out in 4.

My thought: Unless these games get more interesting in the next 2 rounds, the WS ratings might be lower than the NBA Finals' this year.


Pro Football

1) The Packers. Okay, now way I was thinking they would go undefeated, and no way I think a single lost will cost a team, but I want the Packs loss against the Bears back. In the first quarter they were beating the Bears in yardage like 200-4, but were only up 7-0. Favre throw to WR Jones, he fumbles it. Next drive, same action, same result. Both were on drives that GB looked like they could score on.

My thought: Maybe this guy needs stick'em I don't know. All I know is their 7 point loss means a lot of fingers will be pointed at him.

2) Trent Green and Travis Johnson. Green goes after the knees, which isn't a great idea, and basically gets kicked into a concussion. Okay, another injury for Trent. But not so fast. After the play, Green's laying face-in-the-dirt, looking like he has know clue what he's doing or where he's at, and Johnson comes over and taunts him!?! Oh yeah, then after the game he was still getting at him.

My thought: What a role model this guy is. He should at least apologize for taunting an injured player. Seriously, does this guy have any class? You make 1,000,000,000,000 dollars just for this?

3) The Saints. are definitely not marching in this year. Almost making the Super Bowl last year and now winless...

My thought: I don't know what to say...was last year a fluke or is this year a setback?


Thanks if you took the time to read any or all of this. Any comments?


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