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Thus far, this has truly been one of the craziest NFL seasons to date!  From N.O.'s demise and the fall of STL to the rise of Green Bay and the domination of the Cowboys!  Tampa Bay...REALLY?  Also, this season has ALREADY seen devasting injuries; from the life threatening injuries suffered by Kevin Everett to the bazarre concussion suffered by John Kitna.  Early in the season we saw some of our favorite starting QB's replaced, Byron Leftwhich, Air McNAIR, and Matt Leinart...and now as the first quarter of the season nears an end we see more first string QB's facing elimination, J.P. Loseman, David Huard, and whats REALLY happeneing in Clevland and Miami?  It makes you wonder WHAT is going on with QB's...need we mention the Alex Smith, Marc Bulger and Jake Delhome injuries!  Matt Shaub...are you going to show up for the remainder of the season...fallin off MUCH lately?

Without a doubt, the first portion of 2007-2008 NFL season is most memorable because of the UPSETS, UPSETS, and more UPSETS.  We will NEVER figure out what happend to STL and N.O!  I see, the Chargers are trying to make a come back by creating a CRAZY victory on the ROAD against an injury plagued Denver.  Speaking of Denver...need I say, WTF happened to you?  This was supposed to be a rebounding year, they lost two players in horrific tragedies during the offseason, they have had players come and go...this was their year!  Needless to say, the ball has been dropped, and the rise to glory most probably will not occur this season...41-3 in your own HOUSE...San Diego has ARISEN from the dead, and Denver has died.  As a Broncos' blogger noted "Denver Sucks!"  We cannot talk about UPSETS without mentioning the CRAZY high scoring game where Cleveland triumped over Cincy (must I ask...WTF happened to Cincy, and for the record Chad Johnon's TD celebrations are DEAD,) Arizona's bizarre victory over an injury depleted Steelers (who intrestingly enough demolished the Seahawks the following week, with an EQUALLY depleted roster,) and yes, the Eagles actually blew out an opponent...CRAZY much...INDEED!  And Oakland, Oakland...I had them picked for 0-16...INTERESTING!     

For me, one of the most depressing aspects of the first part of the season has been the players actions/statements.  Let's begin with Randy Moss, a man who plays when he wants to play!  When he was in Minnesota he was that dude, and now that he is in N.E. he is once again that dude...congrats?  I don't think so, what about the interim dare we forget his ridiculous and appauling behavior in Oakland?  So let me get this straight, when you're wining you gotta be a team player, but when you're losing its ok to quit your team?  Is this really the message the NFL wishes to project? 

Next, this first part of the season the NFL experienced it's very own watergate...the infamous N.E. cheating scandal, which was a horrific blemish for the entire NFL, and for a tremendous franchise...I guess cheaters always prosper...5-0, better to cheat than repeat!  Now, we cannot forget our off-season woos, from Mike Vick to Pac-Man Jones...and now Lance Briggs and Travis Henry...I think the NFL needs to include a prison cell visit during their Rookie Symposium...Scared Straight MUCH!!   Secondly, can we stop with the wave of illegitimate children, and publized feuds with your baby-moma, lets get it together (our infamaus baby daddies) Leinart, Henry, Brady, Urlacher, McGhee, and the rest of the entire NFL for that matter!  Finally, we couldn't mention this first part of the season without giving an honorable mention for MOST disgusting behavior to Deangelo Hall, Stephen Jackson, Alge Crumpler and MATT LEINART...go sit down and shut up RIGHT NOW!

And now for the most memorable part of this early portion of the season...BILLS V. COWBOYS MNF!  This game was quite possibility one of the SILLEST displays!  I really thought I was watching a local pop warner game...no way EVER should an NFL QB cause five interceptions and a fumble!  Not to mention T.O didn't help the situation...THANK GOD FOR KICKERS!  I give Buffalo crazy credit, they were playing with UNKOWNS...their whole roster is depleted essentially!  There is no reason, no explanation, absolutely NOTHING to explain how Dallas won..in my book (for what it matters) Buffalo won!  Go Bills!  But seriously...WTF happened...clincher to the last second!  Dallas SHOULDN'T be cheering, praying MUCH...oh, and speaking of cheering, did anyone see how jolly Wade Phillips looked at the end...haha, Christmas in October!

I would be remissed if I didn't mention the power of the FEILD GOAL.  Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of down to the wire victories.  AZ v. Baltimore, Denver v. Oakland, Buffalo v. Dallas, Carolina v. N.O., and AZ v. Seattle, and gosh knows how many others I have missed...LET US NEVER DOUBT THE KICKER!  I propose that L.J. give some of that new contract money (which he HASN'T earned) to the kickers...THEY MAKE THE GAME!  Speaking of contracts, do you think Romo will be getting that generous payday from J.Jones anytime soon?  How many millions does a interception cost ya...things that make ya say, HUM?

And finally, we have to give a shout out to Brett Favre for breaking Dan's record...way to go! I remember a time in the off-season when Brett (attempted to play front office employee) demanded better players...well here we are going into week six and WHO WOULD'VE THUNK IT, GB is 4-1 and a BIG threat!  Not that records actually matter as much these days, now-a-days it seems that EVERYTHING is a record.  Have you noticed that commentators try to make every play some historic record!  For example, during the Buffalo/Dallas game a commentator proudly proclaimed...a record was just been broken, the first team to have two interceptions returned and a punt return in the same game...well you know what, WOOPTY WOO!


Top Ten Moments for me (in no specific order)

1.  Mike Tomlin's dark shades...Shaft in the house!


2.  Keven Everrett's injury - very dangerous situation, we need to take injuries and safety of players a big more serious


3.  Matt Leinart/Kurt Warner QB Struggle - to include Matt's Ride or Die Speech, subsequent PR stunt to clear his dumbness (ESPN's story on how close the guys are) and his eventual season threatening injury...CONSPIRACY MUCH! 


4.  T.O.'s infamous TD celerbation mimicing the Pat's cheating schedule


5.  The rise of the CARDS...who would have thunk it, we are leading the NFC West!


6.  N.O.'s crumble


7.  The Clevland Browns


8.  The sanity possessed by T.O and Randy Moss - hum what happens when they start to lose?  Three weeks until T.O. flips out on Romo...let the count down begin!


9.  Herm Edwards...pure comedy, and need I say...WTF happened to KC?


10. Buffalo v. Dallas....by far the craziest game EVER!




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