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My first peek at the 2008 NFL Draft. At this point in the season this is the way I see things shaking out.

(The order is based on current record plus a rough estimate of how I see them finishing the year...obviously not concrete by any means but teams should generally be in the correct area)


  1. Dolphins - (Trade #1 pick to Dallas for #7, #31, 3rd rounder and Julius Jones.) Dallas - Darren McFadden. Jerry Jones has picks to play with and after just missing a ring with a loss to the Pats in the Super Bowl; he decides to pair his Arkansas boy McFadden with Barber to create a dominating ground game.
  2. Bills - Glenn Dorsey. Defense is not good and Dorsey can help solidify that D-Line. Dorsey and Whitner could form the basis for a young, talented D.
  3. Falcons - Brian Brohm. Harrington and Leftwich aren't the answer. Petrino gets his wish and takes his golden boy that he can groom.
  4. Rams - Jake Long. Need MAJOR help on that O-line. With Orlando Pace they could form the best pair of bookend tackles in the league, without the injury prone Pace he becomes his replacement.
  5. Chiefs - Andre Woodson. Larry Johnson needs some help and this guy could be the one to provide it. Sorry Brody, you're not the answer.
  6. Vikings - Calais Campbell. Need a WR that will actually pan out but they've been burnt a couple times by drafting a WR in the first round. Campbell immediately upgrades an already stellar run defense and greatly improves their pass defense. Yes I said pass defense. I know he's a defensive end but they can't get any pressure on the QB. Pair him up with Udeze and there's your pass rush.
  7. Cowboys (from Browns) Received by the Dolphins in a trade with Dallas. Dolphins - Sam Baker. Lot of need areas for a team this bad but getting that offensive line solidified is a high priority. They are going to give a strong look at John Beck and if they do that, they need to protect him.
  8. Raiders - DeSean Jackson. California boy who could become a big-time weapon for Jamarcus Russell down the field coming out of the slot position. Also becomes an instant impact player in the return game. Not the best pure receiver prospect but has the most explosiveness.
  9. Jets - Derrick Harvey. This defensive end is fast as hell and quick off the edge. He would be a perfect fit in the Jets scheme as a hybrid playing that OLB/DE position.
  10. Lions - Malcolm Jenkins. IMO he's the best CB prospect in this year's draft class by a wide margin. He's big, strong, fast and he can lock you up in man coverage or stick you when he tackles. Lions need defensive help in the worst way and another fantastic Ohio State corner could go a long way in helping.
  11. Patriots (from 49ers) - James Laurinitis. First of all, let me see that this is ridiculous. They are far and away the best team in the NFL and now they get the 11th pick in the draft. They use it to take a stud LB that will replace Teddy Bruschi in a hurry. A little undersized for a "prototypical" NFL linebacker but he makes up for that in speed and heart. Perfect fit for this defense. Makes the best team even better.
  12. Saints - Antoine Cason. No-brainer of the draft. Saints need a corner opposite of Mckenzie and Cason is that guy. Vastly improves their pass defense.
  13. Eagles - Kenny Phillips. Slides down to the Eagles who pick-up the steal of the draft. Physically gifted and instinctive safety who becomes an immediate impact player. Paired with Dawkins they become an intimidating duo.
  14. Cardinals - Justin King. Very talented defense gets even better with the addition of a potential lock-down corner. Also considered a DE here but King was too tempting for the Cards.
  15. Bengals - Dan Connor. They need help all over that defense but especially at LB. Either they can't stay healthy (On Monday Night football I think they had one of their cheerleaders playing LB) or they can't stay out of trouble. Connor will do both and become a much needed stabilizing force for the LB corp.
  16. Texans - Jonathan Stewart. Houston needs a RB that isn't over the hill who can provide this offense with a solid ground game. Stewart is that guy. Gives Schuab and that offense another dimension that it's been missing.
  17. Panthers - Lawrence Jackson. Michael Rucker just isn't getting it done anymore. Jackson needs to put on some weight to be a great DE but if he does that he could be a great compliment to Julius Peppers. Reggie Smith is another possibility here.
  18. Redskins - Chris Long. Pretty easy selection here. After passing on a DE in the 2007 draft they get their man in 2008. A great value pick here getting Long at #18. He will provide instant relief for a dismal pass rush.
  19. Ravens - Quentin Groves. Perfect fit for the Baltimore defense. He plays very similarly to Adalius Thomas.
  20. Broncos - Keith Rivers. With the departure of Al Wilson he could fill a very large hole in that defense.
  21. Bears - Matt Ryan. Going to have to take the best QB available. At this point I have to believe that's Ryan. Could change by draft day.
  22. Chargers - Trade with Dolphins. Miami trades picks #31 and Cowboys 3rd Rd. Dolphins - Sedrick Ellis. After a sexy first-round pick last year (Ted Ginn Jr.) the Dolphins decide to take 2 not-so-sexy picks this year. However, they acquire 2 players who significantly upgrade their two lines. Ellis has an incredibly high upside. If you count Julius Jones (who they acquired in their first trade) it has been an extremely productive draft for Miami.
  23. Bucs - Limas Sweed. Offense is really lacking a big-play receiver. Joey Galloway is about 100 years old. A 6'5 215 lbs. WR with speed could help to remedy that.
  24. Giants - Steve Slaton. A year after losing their franchise back they snag one here in the first round. And they get possibly the most explosive player in the draft not named McFadden. While Ward has shown potential, the possibility of pairing up Brandon Jacobs and Steve Slaton would give them the ultimate thunder and lightning combo.
  25. Titans - Malcolm Kelly. Vince Young really needs some weapons on the outside and this guy would be a great addition to that WR corp. Early Doucet is another option here. Might come down to who has the better pro day.
  26. Jaguars - Colt Brennan. Quarterback is a position of great need for this team. Garrard isn't doing too badly; he just isn't the long-term answer. Brennan can sit for a year or two behind Garrard and then when he does finally take over, he should be able to take this offense to another level.
  27. Seahawks - Fred Davis. A converted WR that can really upgrade a need position for Seattle. He has the body and skills to become an extremely productive NFL TE.
  28. Steelers - Adarius Bowman. Steelers hit on Santonio Holmes 2 years ago in the first round and I think they will hit again here with Bowman. An underrated WR with ideal size 6'4 220 lbs. Size at WR is something the Steelers lack.
  29. Packers - Frank Okam. Defense needs to continue its remarkable turn around. This youngster could help their D-line become a dominate one. Huge frame with good quickness. Could tie up blockers to allow Hawk and Barnett to roam free.
  30. 49ers - Gosder Cherilus. This kid could really step in and upgrade their offense line. They need to protect Alex Smith and start opening holes for Frank Gore. Staley last year was a start. This youngster continues that trend.
  31. Chargers (from Miami from Dallas) - Harry Douglas. They have the big WR with Vincent Jackson (and Gates is basically a big WR) now they get the speed guy.
  32. Patriots - Forfeit. Although they already drafted one of the top defensive players of 2008 already. So how much of a penalty is it?



I'll come out with my 2nd Round of this draft at some point this week.



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