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I love the media. Being a former member, it never ceases to amaze me how we could be taught in college to be so objective and the moment you enter the industry, it all goes right out the window. Take quotes for example. The other day, I wrote an article accusing Isiah Thomas of being a racist because of remarks he made concerning how he would react if white and black men referred to black women as a "b." This morning, I learned (on the Steve Harvey show, no less) that the full transcript of the interview had been obtained and the real quotes were read. It floored me. I actually feel compelled to apologize to Isiah Thomas, as well as EastCoastKeith, with whom I had a very passionate and heated exchange which led to a throwdown (though once the topic went to sports, we actually got along fine). While I still retain certain feelings regarding racism and reverse racism, the sports element has been officially eliminated from the debate.

Apparently, Isiah Thomas did say that it was wrong for anyone to call a woman a "b," which goes without saying. His reference to reacting differently somehow had to do with if a white man called a black woman a "black b," which is totally understandable because that does suggest racism on the white man's part. I know that it is common for the media to edit quotes for story purposes. I did it myself when I wrote, but I never did it in a way that changed the meaning of the quote. This instance goes above and beyond acceptable journalistic editing and borders on libel because of the way the media apparently manipulated the quote to pass Isiah off as a racist. He may still be, but not because of this particular case.

Now, on to other sports and thoughts from this week.

1. I remember watching the NFL Draft in April and wondering why the Dallas Cowboys drafted some kicker named Nick Folk when Mason Crosby, the draft's number one rated kicker, was still on the board. Last night, I think all of Dallas Cowboy fandom learned why.

2. I didn't see the Marion Jones train derailing like this. From surefire HOF track star to no medals and possible jail time in less than a week. Good luck recovering the prize money, IAAF. Can Barry Bonds be far behind?

3. I guess the Arizona Cardinals won't get to "ride or die" with Matt Leinart now. I can't help but wonder if the collarbone was a freak play, or if some big defensive lineman wasn't giving Leinart a hefty dose of gridiron reality.

4. Samuel Peter is one tough dude. A week after Kelly Pavlik gets up off the canvas to beat Jermain Taylor, Peter got up off the canvas three times to outpoint the much larger Jameel McCline. Next up may be Oleg Maskaev, which shouldn't present as much difficulty.

5. As much as I can't stand Mike Vick, the Falcons should have no claim on his signing bonus. If it wasn't for Vick, the team wouldn't have prospered so much financially before this dog story broke. Now, for all of the economic benefit he's given the team (which made no attempt to monitor his activities, or worse, swept it under the table) all he may get is his first couple years' salary, which would be the lowest base salaries in the deal.

6. Goodbye Cubs, Yanks, and probably Torre (why can't it be goodbye Steinbrenner?). Hello Indians, Diamondbacks and Rockies. After looking to deal Todd Helton last offseason, the Rockies may be staring at a World Series. What a difference a season makes.

7. What the hell was Trent Green thinking?

8. Someone please fix that stupid rule that says a team can call timeout until right before a kick is attempted. It's not strategy, it's gutless and cowardly. Otherwise, it would have been done more before this year.

9. I would like to see Mark Cuban own the Chicago Cubs, but it ain't happening. Baseball ownership is a good old boy club still looking for its first African-American owner that has no use for an innovative mind who is actually a fan of the game and not just someone out to make a fast buck off the fans.

10. Good luck Evander Holyfield, and you're still going to lose, Floyd Mayweather. In the immortal words of Stewart Gilligan Griffin, "Mark my words, when you least expect it, your uppance will come."

Until next time.


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