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The "Big Three," "Three Baske-teers," "Three Amigos....(some crazy hand gestures)...huuh!" And let's not forget my personal favorite, thank you Scott Van Pelt, "the Boston Three-Party."


By "three," everyone who watches the NBA knows who the "three" are: Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett.


 Now, I am moniker-ing a new "Big Three." The Big Three as in Points, Assists and Rebounds; Three = R^2, Rajon Rondo.  (I loved math in high school and college, I'm a nerd I know)


With the NBA Finals underway and the rivalry between LA and Boston renewed, so overplayed btw, can we please shy away from the "Big Three?" I'm personally tired of hearing about them, especially when they are completely underrated compared to R-squared. It's no coincidence that R-squared is on the most recent cover of Sports Illustrated--he's pretty much the ****. And he knows it.


Last year in the playoffs, R-squared came out of his athletically-tuned, very talented shell to average a 16.9 ppg, 9.8 apg and 9.7 rpg. Now going with the laws of math and rounding up, let's just say R-squared averaged 17-10-10 for a very nice triple double.


He may be a little rough around the edges in the sense of public communications and locker room talk, but that's just who he is. I personally don't like his attitude, but the man can back it up on the court--just as long as he doesn't take any cheap shots like the one he took towards Kirk Heinrich and throw him against the scorers' table like he did last year. The boy needs some maturing for sure, and there have been plenty of chemistry issues when he was at the University of Kentucky, those were not rumors. His teammates just didn't like him. But now that he's on to the next level, here's hoping that he can mature a little bit more.


When you watch him play, he's just amazing. He times his layups just perfectly. When he drives past a defender into the lane and rolls it off his fingertips, he does it with perfect force and precision to make the bucket 100% of the time--ok, not a valid stat, but statisticians don't provide that in-depth stuff so I'm making it up. When you watch his defense, my ankles hurt because I feel sorry for whomever he's defending with all of the cuts and reaches.


And may I please mention the steals per game? 2.3. That's 2.3 steals per game! And in the words of Jessica Simpson, 2.3 is almost 2 and a half, which is almost 3. I'm sure R-squared wouldn't mind that reasoning. He's got the most steals in the Playoffs with 35 and ranks first in the league's regular season with that same 2.3 spg with a total 189 steals this season. Stephen Curry is second with most steals at 152--that's 37 less. You will be quizzed.


Anyway, I'm going to keep this short because I can write about how talented R-squared is but you just have to watch. Have fun!


Some extra reading that involves R-square's evolution to greatness:;_ylt=A2KIRzdW0wdMjTcAHBw5nYcB?slug=mc-rondoceltics060310



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