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This was not a pleasurable reading experience for pecotafreak. Looking for some information on Adam Dunn, I stumbled upon this blog, entitled "Adam Dunn was a bad choice". It was the work of a blog called "On the Show: The Laugh Factory Meets Abu Ghraib -- But About Baseball". If your not in the mood for a humorous read, then I'll sum it up for you in just a few words: THIS GUY IS A COMPLETE IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

Linkage: http://ontheshow.blogspot.com/2007/06/adam-dunn-was-bad-choice.html

Newsflash, America, the Reds are once again an awful, awful baseball team.

Lowest loss total since 2002(As far back as I could bear to look): 82

It might as well of read: "Newsflash, America, DUH!!!!!"

You see, despite the team being so wretched, there are still solid pieces playing for Cincinnati. However, one of them is not Adam Dunn.

Four straight 40 home run seasons, a .381 career obp, .519 career slugging percentage, and a .900 career ops. Your right, I would rather choke on a razor blade than have this guy on my favorite team.

 For some reason, people tend to think positively of an ox that hits almost exclusively in the most prolific hitters park west of Fenway

I have a few problems with this....

Problem 1. You say "almost exclusively" as if he is the only person who plays half of their total games in their home stadium. Is this not a league wide practice? I applaud your research skills, they seem to be coming along great.

Problem 2. Adam Dunn hit 2 more home runs in away games than he did in home games last year. He had one less double away from Cincy, and indeed did have his only two triples at home. So your analysis proves that Dunn achieved one more extra base hit while batting in his home ballpark. What a beneficiary, that sneaky Adam Dunn, he almost had me fooled into thinking he was actually a good hitter. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Because of this, ludicrous questions still persist in my area of the world such as: "Is Dunn is the answer to the New York Yankees continual 1st base needs?" The answer? NO ****!!

Well, the answer to your question shouldn't be so much "no ****!!" as it should "no he plays in the outfield!!!".

Dunn has played 2 games at first base since 2005. Just a heads up.

Have you ever seen a mentally challenged person eat something they're not supposed to? Like a wooden dowel or some paste?

I can feel the comparison of Adam Dunn to a mentally challenged person eating paste coming.......I feel it will open my eyes to what a sick **** he really is.

This is what Adam Dunn looks like when he's trying to field a ground ball hit to the 1st baseman. The ball bounces, Dunn does his little retard-clap, the ball bounces off his chest, and in an ultimately futile effort to make a routine play for nearly all 60 starting 1B's in the MLB and AAA, he kicks the ball off into the 1st base dugout

Games played at first base in 2006 by Adam Dunn: 2

Games played at first base in 2007 by Adam Dunn: 0

Adam Dunn truly isn't a first baseman, you completely lied about this whole paragraph, you probably have never seen Dunn play, as evident by your idiotic paragraph that never even compared him to a glue eating, wood chomping retard.

What a RETARD!!!!!

Jason Giambi looks like Keith freaking Hernandez compared to Adam Dunn.

Again with these lies. Giambi is a DH.

"On the Show's" new formula to identify positions in baseball

OF=1B=DH=ADAM DUNN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I forget to mention that Dunn is hitting a better-than-career-average .250 right now

I doubt you forgot, you just wanted it to sound catchy at the end of your blog. Anyway, did I forget to mention he is reliable for over 100 walks a year, and has a way better than league average .381 career obp? RETARD!!!!

 and that his career OPS is only marginally better than the league average at his position?

Which position, first base, or outfielder? Please, be consistent here. And his ops, it's freaking awesome.

So, a Dunn fan might say, why not put him at DH? Because New York already has six, the majority of them are injured, and the team doesn't need any more

Why not keep him in the outfield, where he plays. First, you got his position wrong, and now you suggest a move off the field altogether? Get your head on straight.

Besides, I know we've all moved on from the concept of using batting average as the metric for player evaluation

See above, you obviously haven't. RETARD!!!

But don't you want someone who generally hits northward of the Mendoza line?

Years Adam Dunn has hit below .200: 0

I think I have found that guy right here.




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