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Well, it is week 6 and I thought I would share my predictions for this Sunday.  As many of you already know, the game of the year will take place as the New England visits Dallas in a battle of the unbeaten teams.  This is possibly a SB preview, but as I take is not how you start but how you finish the season.  Several teams have gone undefeated through mid-season only to find themselves sitting back at home watching the Super Bowl instead of partaking in it.  Who comes out a winner in this game?  Well, I can assure you it will be the fans, not to mention the gamblers who placed their hard earned dinero on the right team resulting in an awesome windfall.  Anyway, aside from the big game in big D..there are several games which are pretty good in terms of matchups.  Just remember one thing: BEWARE OF THE HOME UNDERDOGS!!  Shall we begin......

KANSAS CITY over Cincinnati-  The Bengals haven't tasted victory since week 1 and KC is usually very tough at home.  This game will likely be very high scoring and that should lean in the Cincy's favor.  But I believe KC will regroup at home with the return of Huard, and LJ will finally get on track.  Plus I am a Chiefs fan so this is pretty much a biased pick.  Chiefs  27   Bengals 26

JACKSONVILLE over Houston- The Jags have quietly racked up 3 straight after losing the opener.  Garrard has been playing great making everyone forget about Leftwich. Their D is playing as well as anyone, with studs like Mathis on their secondary.  Schaub will have a hard time getting the passing game going with Davis and Daniels.  Ahman Green's return will not be enough either.  I look at the Jags to win this by at least a TD.  Jaguars 22  Texans 13

CLEVELAND over Miami- It's been a tough year for the fins and it doesn't appear to get better anytime soon.  Ronnie Brown can't carry the whole team but he is one bonafide RB and I believe he will amass another 100 yard day. But the Browns can score with anyone at home and in the end they will outscore the 'fins.  Derek Anderson should have a great game through the air.   Browns 27   Dolphins 19

CHICAGO over Minnesota- The Bears are finding back their groove and are gonna be focused on keeping it going at home. The Vikes have only won once in their last 5 meetings at Soldier Field and it looks like they will lose again.  AP should have a decent game but that's all the Vikes will have going for them.  Brian Griese should pile up a couple of bucks passing.  Bears 21    Vikings 10

Philadelphia over NY JETS- Philly is coming off a bye and should be focused.  Pennington is just throwing too many INT's and the Eagles love to take advantage of turnovers.  That might be the story of this game.  Reggie Brown should start to come alive after pulling a disappearing act the past 5 weeks.  I look for McNabb  to have a great game.  Eagles 26  Jets  20

BALTIMORE over St. Louis- Tough luck for the Rams who almost pulled out their first win last week.  I don't think they are gonna be even close enough scoring-wise to try and pull one out this week.  The Ravens D is showing flashes of how great everyone has expected them to be.  Gus Frerotte will be rattled all day by the pass rush.  I wouldn't  be surprised if he got sacked half a dozen times and threw more INT's than TD's.  McNair should have a field day against a suspect Rams secondary.  Ravens 34   Rams 14

Tennessee over TAMPA BAY- Garcia is having a decent season.  But the Titans are just on a roll at the moment and their D is developing into one of the best with each game.  Factor in the Buc's depleted running game with the loss of Pittman and Cadillac.  Just not enough weapons for Tampa, even at home and it is very tough to score on Tennessee's D because they don't really give up the big play. I think the running game will thrive for the Titans, with White and Brown, which will make things easier for VY...who can be an offensive weapon by himself.    Titans  20   Buccaneers 17

GREEN BAY over Washington- Packers should get back on track in what could be a great game against the 'Skins.  It looks like Santana Moss will be back while Randle El looks to be out of this game.  Jason Campbell will look to utilize Moss and Cooley not to mention Portis trying to get it going on the ground.  This bodes for plenty of points in Washington's favor but it will not be enough to keep up with Favre and company.  Wether it's Morency or Wynn in the backfield, I believe GB will get the running game going and the recieving corp of Driver, Jennings, Jones, and Lee are too crafty to be shut down.  It will most likely be an offensive explosion bet wen the 2 teams and it will go back and forth.  In the end, the scoreboard will show... Packers 35  Redskins 31

Carolina over ARIZONA- Even with Kurt Warner at the helm and with Fitz jelling into a fantasy reciever, I think the Panthers are very focused on the road.  They play better as the visitors and are likely the ones to get it done.  Now if Carr is unable to play, then it would be a different story as I feel the panthers won't have any chance of winning with Matt Moore.  Arizona's D looks pretty sharp at times but it may be just a flash in the pan. Arizona has been perfect at home and Carolina has been perfect on the road so far this year.  Something has gotta give and I believe the Panthers will continue the trend.  Panthers 24 Cardinals 23

SAN DIEGO over Oakland- The Chargers might be able to salvage their season after all.  First place in the AFC West is at stake.  Too much on the line for the Chargers to blow this game..although they have blown a lot of games in the past. Just ask Marty.  LT still needs to breakout and the table is set for him on this game.  Gates could also have a big day if Rivers finds his groove early.  Chargers need to keep an eye on sneaky Culpepper not mention try to shut down Lamont or Fargas.  The task is easier said than done, but I believe the Chargers will feed off the crowd at home.  Chargers  28  Raiders 17

 SEATTLE over New Orleans- The Saints have lost the magic that transcended them into the playoffs last year.  Drew Brees has been thus far a disapppointed and with Deuce out, it looks like Bush will have to rescue this team.  There is no I in team and there is no "W" in Bush unless you're talking about the president.  Bush should see plenty of carries and looks.  He should have a big day but it won't be enough.  So it's another "L" for the Aints unfortunately.  Seattle is to tough at home and Shaun Alexander is due for a big game.  Saints are giving up too many points on the road.   Seahawks 34   Saints 24

ATLANTA over NY Giants- I basically just based my pick on this game on a trend that is due to break.  There hasn't been a MNF home team winner since week 1 and I believe the Falcons being at home will get a victory over the surging Giants.  The Giants have won their last 5 meetings on the road against Atlanta.  Wow, that's another trend to break.  Not much analysis on the game itself but we will see if the trend will break.  I believe Harrington will bounce back as he knows it might be a make or break game for him with Leftwich on deck.  Surprisingly, a low scoring game.  Falcons 20  Giants  17



New England over DALLAS- What can I say about this game except for the fact that I would rather just watch it.  This game is very tough to call as both teams are 5-0 and are playing exceptionally well...with the exception Romo's performance this past MNF.  If you can have your QB throw 5 INT's, lose a fumble, and still win the game...then your team is either lucky or just destined for greatness.  As with the case for Dallas, it will be the former statement as Buffalo is more like a stepping stone for every team.  Dallas almost has to be error free on both sides of the ball, and Romo cannot afford a similar performance against a very sound New England D.  Both teams have superstars.  Both have a terrific offense, a spectacular D, clutch QB's, a good running game, and flashy recievers. This game will be closer than what most people think, and it will be a prolific high scoring affair.  But in the end, the experience and tenacity not to mention the leadership of Brady, and the chess mind of Belichick will prevail.  The Big D crowd will not have that much effect on the chemistry of the Patriots offense, and although Dallas will score, Romo will not have enough to keep up.  Randy Moss and T.O. will give it their all to achieve bragging rights on who's the better reciever, not to mention the better team.  I will take Moss over T.O. any day.             Patriots 37     Cowboys   31


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