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This will be shorter than usual due to my crapp internet dying right when I was finishing.

The two Catholic schools in Division 1A have had a great rivalry since 1993, when Boston College ended Notre Dame's undefeated season and title hopes on a game-winning field goal.  Notre Dame still should have won the championship that season, but don't get me started on that.  Notre Dame's thorn in its side has been its little brother Boston College.  The little brother will always win some fights.  Expect that to end.  This game appears to be a major trap game for the college.

Notre Dame's main weaknesses is its pass game and its run defense.  Boston College's big weaknesses are its pass defense and its run game.  That works out nicely for Notre Dame.  Andre Callender is not that good of a running back.  Boston College relies on its monster passing game with Matt Ryan.  Last week, Maurice Crum and David Bruton said NO to passing.  Don't put all the blame on UCLA's weak performance on McLeod Bethel-Thompson.  Olsen was getting pressured majorly when he was in, and the same thing went with McLeod.  All of those seven turnovers were a result of the outside linebackers putting pressure on the QB.  The freshman Anthony Castonzo better look out.  Brian Smith is using his speed to beat you around, and Dwight Stephenson will make it tough to stop the run.  Notre Dame's defense is finally improving.  Maybe the offense will follow.

Notre Dame's passing game was nonexistent against UCLA.  Golden Tate didn't have a catch, and Clausen was under pressure the entire game, mostly from his left side.  Way to go Young and Turkovich.  Sam Young has been embarrassing.  He was suppose to be one of the best tackles in the country.  That prediction was off.  He hasn't been able to stop the pass rush.  Notre Dame needs to somehow establish the run against this defense.  I think I know how.  His name is James Aldridge.

James Aldridge isn't the fastest or strongest, but he does enough to pick up the yards.  No one is mistaking him for Jerome Bettis or Autry Denson, but he can pick up the yards.  Look for Armando Allen if you want a big play back.  Look for Robert Hughes if you want a pounder.  Look for Travis Thomas if you want a scrub.  Aldridge is none of those.  He hasn't been great, but he's Notre Dame's best option, especially against Boston College's physical defense.

In my opinion, Aldridge, Hughes, and Allen will establish the run with their different styles, so the pressure is on Clausen.  Hopefully, the safeties will play up, exposing the big plays to George West, David Grimes, and Golden Tate.  If not, Duval Kamara will have to be the focus.  He is like Calvin Johnson.  He's tall, fast, and has great hands.  He made some catches last week that were just unbelievable.  Clausen likes to hit him short and have him make his own play.  If Kamara gets going, Boston College will have to shut off the slants and curls.  How do you do that?  Play up the safeties.  After that happens, Golden Tate can go to work.  Look out James Silva.  Look out Paul Anderson.  Good luck stopping the big play.

Notre Dame wins 24-20.  Yes, I'm a homer.  I make no sense at all.  But only a fool would count out Notre Dame before it starts.  We big brothers hate our little brother, Boston College.  You may not be impressed with the points I made above, but I have one more that will change your aspect on this game.  University beats College.  GO IRISH!


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