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Coming into the season, I thought the Giants had to do something drastic at the RB position.  Let's face it, Tiki was great.  I remember when the Giants first drafted him, he was supposed to only be a third down back and punt returner due to his lack of size.  However, the little guy with the smoked visor made up for that with his huge heart and work ethic.

Sadly, his mouth always overshadowed this.  Not surprisingly, it's now his mouth that puts Whole Foods on the table.

With Tiki in the mix, the Giants had too many cancers in the lockerroom.  Presently, this team has too many talkers in Plax, Shockey, Strahan and now Jacobs, who has done nothing to warrant shooting off his mouth (especially before the Cowboys game.)  Someone had to go and I'm sure glad it was Tiki.  If you ask me, Tiki already was a member of the media was he was on the Giants.  So the only thing that has changed is the fact that he has shed the uniform. 

People get mad at Eli for not opening his mouth.  The only things that bother me about Eli is his tendency to throw one "What the f was he thinking pass?" a game and his BAD body language.  The hands on the hips has got to stop.  But he makes some throws that very few QB's in this league make.  I hope the Giants keep running the ball and keep the pressure off Eli.  If Eli had the same time to throw as Tom Brady, he'd be a top tier QB.

The Giants offensive line which I thought would be in peril with the absence of Luke and the lack of an addition, is actually doing a pretty decent job.

Initially, I was hoping Ray Rice would declare for the 2007 Draft, but that didn't happen.  Then I wanted the Giants to grab Willis McGahee but that didn't happen.  Michael Turner?  Yeah, right.  Lewis? Brown?  Green?  Jones? 

The best thing happened when Derrick Ward stepped up.  Who would have known?  If Jacobs could get lower, this combination of Jacobs and Ward could be the real "Thunder and Lightning."  Obviously, Ward is not the lightning that Tiki was, but the guy cuts back nicely and picks-up the blitz well. 

The Giants ended up having alot of depth at RB and as a result, they traded a player I liked in Ryan Grant to the RB depleted Packers.  Bradshaw has not seen much action since he dropped that punt and Droughns has been a plus.

It was nice to see Jacobs break off a 20 yard + TD run against the Jets because one of the two things I feel this combination is lacking is the ability to break a big one for TD.  The other missing element is the ability to catch, but there haven't been too many balls thrown their way.  Only time will tell. 

Oh and Ward shuts his mouth. 


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