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The TTL League Office and I have worked to tweak the format of the TTL, time frame wise, to hopefully streamline each week in the TTL.

On Friday sometime after noon (eastern) most likely, matchups will be posted in the TTL page. The topic selection method will stay the same as it currently is, so there shouldn't be any confusion so far. One problem is "easy win" topics and time sensitive topics; I will work harder to not assign such topics, however, if it happens, I urge the captains to appeal such a thing to me and I???ll look into a new topic (if prudent).

Now, with the topics. When the lower ranked team gets the 12 topics, they have until noon (eastern) Sunday at the latest to send their topics of choice to the opposing team. If this is not followed, there is a penalty to be paid: Your team will be deducted two points for per late day. So let's say the lower ranked team does not send their topics until Sunday night, they will lose 2 points from their total, essentially negotiating one win in the upcoming week.

When the 12 topics are received by higher ranked team, they may start a TD as early as three (eastern) Sunday and they have until noon (eastern) Wednesday to start their throwdowns; however, ALL ARGUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY NOON (Eastern) FRIDAY. Failure to START the throwdown by Wednesday, the higher ranked team TDer is forfeiting, unless they can present to one of the three of us (Unofficial, Ogre, or DetroitFan) with a reason why you would be unable to start your throwdown. Otherwise, there is a penalty, as mentioned before. Please remember that the entire throwdown does not have to be done by noon (eastern) Friday, all of the arguments just have to be in.

All in all, here is the summary of what was stated:

Friday - The lower ranked team is given the 12 topics, they assign the 12 topics, and send them, along with the list of which TDer's are doing which topics by no later than noon (eastern) Sunday to the opponent???s captain. Failure to do so results in a penalty, as listed above.

Since topics should be received no later than noon (eastern) Sunday, then the higher ranked team will have until noon (eastern) Wednesday to start the arguments, if not, there is a penalty, as listed above. All arguments should be posted by noon (eastern) Friday, this does not mean the voting on the throwdown has to be over, just all the arguments. They may start the TDs as early as three (eastern) Sunday.

These changes have been made so that each week of the TTL only takes one week instead of two like the current format. It also helps with the use of time-sensitive topics, as the window for starting a TD is much smaller now. Remember: Any "easy wins" should be reported to me, and I will look into it.

Timeline summary:

Friday (6/18): Matchups posted, topics sent. Topics look over by lower ranked team.
Saturday (6/19): Topics looked over by lower ranked team, possibly sent to opponent.
Sunday (6/20): Noon (eastern): Topics and Tders sent to opponent. Three (eastern): Tds may be started.
Monday (6/21): Tds being started, some Tds ongoing.
Tuesday (6/22): Tds being started, some Tds ongoing.
Wednesday (6/23): Noon: Last Tds started. All Tds ongoing.
Thursday (6/24): Tds ongoing.
Friday (6/25): Noon (eastern): Deadline to have all arguments in.

After, the cycle repeats.

Although I realize you have 24 hours per argument, if it is deemed that someone is "stalling" a TD (ie: starting it at the deadline Wednesday, and stretching out arguments) to push their opponent over the deadline, they will forfeit the TD. If the opponent however has reasonable time to submit an argument before the deadline and doesn't, they will forfeit the TD.

Thank you for your cooperation. Any questions, just ask.

- The TTL League Office


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