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I've had very little free time this week, that's why my power rankings are up Saturday.  I'll try to get them up every Tuesday, but I've been loaded with all kinds of things for the past two weeks.  Anyways, here they are.  By the way, I didn't feel like doing my explanations for #9 and 10.

1. New England Patriots--The Patriots now have the ability to be much more aggressive than they were last year. Offensively, they're able to stretch the field vertically and they have so many weapons that it's just too hard to put pressure on Brady. Josh McDaniels should have a head coaching job by the beginning of next year. Defensively, the addition of Adalius Thomas has allowed Belichick to bring a lot more pressure and the Patriots are able to make many more big plays than they were able to make last year.

2. Indianapolis Colts--We all know about how great Peyton Manning has been this year, but that defense did a great job against a decent Tampa Bay offense. I was sorely wrong on the game last week as Peyton Manning had his way with a good Buccaneer defense. The scary part is that the Colts didn't even have Marvin Harrison for that game. As of now, it's the Patriots and Colts and then everyone else.

3. Pittsburg Steelers--The Steelers absolutely shutdown a pretty good Seahawks offense and they showed how overrated Matt Hassleback actually is. That Steelers defense is the only defense that has the ability to hold up against the Patriots and Colts. As for that Steeler offense, they wear you down. The physicality of the Steelers team as a whole doesn't allow teams to stay in the game and the Steelers have shown the ability to spread you out and throw the ball downfield.

4. Dallas Cowboys--What a game against the Bills. This team cannot play like they did against the Bills and expect to win, Tony Romo has to play better than he did Monday night. However, that defense is playing great. Wade Phillips has allowed the Cowboys defense to create pressure on the quarterback and force turnovers on defense. The Cowboys offense is still pretty good.

5. Tennessee Titans--Who would've thought that in Week 5 we'd be thinking of the Titans as a top 5 team. That Titans defense is playing lights out as they overcame a 5 turnover performance by the offense. As for Vince, he's going to be a great quarterback in this league and he's going to have days like he had against the Falcons, but he'll get over them and he'll become a very good passer.

6. Green Bay Packers--The Packers came out firing against the Bears on Sunday night, but the Pack gave that game away. If James Jones didn't fumble twice, it would've been a 31-0 game at the half and the Packers would've slaughtered the Bears. Not to mention that horrific interception that Brett Favre threw in the third quarter. However, the Packers did show the ability to run the ball at will against a very good Bears front.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars--The Jaguars are playing physical football and David Garrard has played well. As for the Jaguars defense, the have done an excellent job stopping the run. It is so important to stop the run defensively, I've always said that if you can't stop the run then you can't rush the quarterback.

8. Washington Redskins--Last year, the Redskins weren't able to create pressure on opposing offenses. This year, Greg Williams defense is blitzing like hell and they're playing extremely well. As for the offense, Jason Campbell is improving as a player and LaDell Betts and Clinton Portis are running all over defenses.

9. Baltimore Ravens

10. Arizona Cardinals

11. San Diego Chargers

12. New York Giants

13. Seattle Seahawks

14. Chicago Bears

15. Houston Texans

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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