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I am a huge homer, but I will try to be objective on this one. QB: Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, Tim Tebow: This worries me more than a lot of Broncos fans. I am worried about McD pulling the trigger too early. Orton is a decent QB that did decent for Denver last year. Quinn is a decent backup and has done well in spring drills so far. Tebow is a project at QB. He will be used, but he shouldn't start until next year. RB: This is Moreno's year, everyone in Denverland is saying that his physical appearance is better this year and that his mental preparation is off the charts this year. WR: No doubt it's lost some talent with the departure of Brandon Marshall. But Eddie Royal should have a break out year. Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Lloyd both a great last to games. Stokley is going to just be there for support mostly and mentoring his protege Eric Decker. But the big news here is Baybay Thomas. He is considered Brandon Marshall with morals and speed. TE: About what McD wants. Good blockers. Graham is really overpaid for a glorified O-Lineman but he isn't long for the starting job as Richard Quinn is already considered one of the top blocking TE's in the league. O-Line: A polarizing unit. On the outside we have Clady (All NFL for the next 15 years) and Harris (Underrated and it showed when he went down.) On the inside they have Kuper at RG and one heck of a left guard. The Broncos obviously agree because he got paid big bucks. At Left guard should be Seth Olsen, but he has been under-performing at drills and has somewhat lost his security to Zane Beadles. JD Walton seems like a for sure at Center. D-Line: Extremely upgraded since last year. Jarvis Green, Jamal Williams, and Justin Bannan were rotational for there teams (which all were top tier defensively) and were a possibility to start this season. Fields is around for 4 D-Lineman sets as well. Linebacker: A strong group that is led by reigning sack king Elvis "Dr. Doom" Dumervil. Robert Ayers has put a ton of effort in this offseason and is primed to have a good year. He was benched early in spring ball because he made a "Mistake" but should be back on the field. At ILB the Denver mainstay of D.J. Williams is looking to run the show again. At the second ILB position, time will be split between Wesley Woodyard in passing downs and Spencer "Leather head" Larson on Running downs. Secondary: Strongest group of the team. Champ is still Champ and Dawk still rolls heads. He still has a few years in the tank and should lead the D like last year. Ronaldo Hill is serviceable until McBath or Bruton is ready. At the other corner is Dre' Goodman. He is good at being attacked because QB's are afraid to attack Bailey. At 3rd Corner is a race between Nate Jones, Fonz Smith, and Rookie Parrish Cox. Jones has the experience, and the upperhand. But Smith has improved immensely and Cox has been a hotrod since camp opened up. ST: Prater earned his spot last year and has shown he has late season accuracy. Punter is a bit of a mystery but I give the upperhand to Britton Colquitt. KR/PR in my opinion is going to be Royal and Cox splitting time.


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