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I want to start off by saying that the Tech Coaches and Players did a very good job today and really showed how much tallent they have, and I hope that your players get the attention that they deserve.

I have heard may stories about how disrespectful and unsportsman like the Tech fans are but I am not one to just go by what I hear so I went to the Tech vs A&M game today not only to "Hopefully" see my Aggies break the little win streak that Tech has on them but to also "Hopefully" dis-prove any ill will towards the Tech fans,...I mean hey this is the Big 12 Conference and the fans in it are the best of the best when it comes to being respectful and sportsman like.

Well when I got their I tried to park some where that I would not get any damage to my truck because I do have A&M decals on it. . . . . Then my Girlfriend and I walked three blocks through Tech infested Tail gate parties and we didnt have one cross look or and negitive feedback from anyone.....nor did we get any positive feedback either, normally in my experience other teams will say "Hey thanks for coming Good luck" or just try and start a conversation about the game. . . . . Over all I give the Tail Gaters a B+ Everyone just enjoying the Day at hand and having a good time.

Then it came time to walk into the game yet again no negitive feed back from anyone on the way to our seats no bad looks...nothing.

We got to our seats and we had tech fans all around us and an Aggie Couple two seats down. . . . . . We were sitting on the edege of the student section in section 122 next to one of the entrances to the student section. Up to this point like I said everyone was very respectful.

Then the Aggie team came out and everyone started Booooing, That to me is very disrespectful but others it might not is an  Aggie tradition NOT to boo but to each his own so This does not bother me too much. Dont believe that anyother Big12 team uses Booing as much as the Tech fans.

Then a couple tech students standing next to our seats started tryin to start crap flippin My Girlfriend and I off and saying that Aggie's Suck, and this is before the game even started. That is unexceptable but every team has a few bad apples so I didnt let this ruin my veiw of Tech fans.

Later on in the game one of the Aggie players went down and the game was paused for short period of time and I could hear people yelling drag him off the field, And this was not coming from the student section either. As for being sportsman like with that move you can throw that out the window, when a player is hurt you sit thier and shut up then when he comes off the field you clap. Thats football 101 for those of yall who dont know.

A&M had a rough day Kicking and on one of the missed field goals a Tech fan directly behind me was yelling "You Suck Oh My God YOU SUCK I love people who Suck at what they do because thats what they do!!" Now what ever kind of logic that is I dont know but All I can say is you would not hear that crap at Kyle.

The Tech fans were even being disrespectful to their own team, remember on that first drive when Tech was running the ball, Oh you should have heard all the crap the tech fans were talking about leach, "Your **** if you run it again"  yeah that came from the tech fans if thats not jr high level then I dont know what is.

Then the A&M band comes on the field and this one guy turns around in his seats and starts yelling at all the other Tech fans to turn around too lol he just looked like an idiot he was covering his ears saying "Oh my god they play that same song over and over" looked like he was having a mental episode....Have some respect for the Men And Women who are going to be fighting for your freedom. Class act right there.

A middle aged Aggie woman was cheering for the Aggies and a tech fan in his late 20s turned around and yelled at her to go up to the top stadium where all the other aggies were. Thats just disrespecful she in no way deserved that from a little punk like that.

Then the wave started, it was pretty cool it kinda slowed down in the alum section but thats a given they reversed it a couple times and even had it sloooow down it was pretty cool but yet again they had to take a shot at the aggie band, everytime the wave made it to where the Aggie band was sitting the would boo. Yet again with the booing i think i heard more booing then I did cheering.

Near the end of the game when the score started to get crazy I guess some of the Aggies at the top of the stands started to make thier way down to leave, all the tech fans truned around and started waving at them and yelling "Have a Good time in College Station!" Now I seriously doubt that was said in a nice way. And you know that as well as I. Every once in awhile I Could hear the chant Overrated Overrated starte to pick up,...Tech do you know know that A&M is not ranked? And that you were picked to win the game? Chill out already. When a team gets up by 20 or more and its at the end of the 4th and they have the ball and can run the time out most teams will just run the clock out instead of trying to run the score up on another team.....This I can say for Tech they did run the last few seconds off that they could have tried a deep ball to try and run up the score. Koodos to the Coaches and Players.....But the fans Lol All I could hear was them chanting "One More Score" "One More Score"..........Thier were several more things that I have not listed like just bad looks and people flipping the team or fans off....I didnt see any fights between Aggies and Tech fans I saw several Tech fans being arrested though for various things.

All in all going to this game has shown me that Texas Tech fans are the worst of the Big12 and trust me I have delt with all Teams in the Big12 and Tech fans are by far the WORST, I even went to the Holiday bowl where Cal stomped A&M and a bunch of Cal fans had more class that Tech fans...I had Cal at my Number 1 worst fans spot but after today Tech takes #1 with a dominate showing of how disrespecful and classless adults can be.  


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