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No matter what happens in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, all Celtics fans should be happy with their team's progress.  Rajon Rondo solidified himsef as the newest member of Boston's Big Three Four, Doc Rivers looked to prove to the East that the Greenshirts were a threat, and GM Danny Ainge brought in big names to deepen Boston's bench, among them Rasheed Wallace, Marquis Daniels, and Nate Robinson.  Here's a look at who was the best and the worst of your 2009-10 Boston Celtics.

  • Most Valuable Player -- Averaging just under 14 points and 10 assists, Rajon Rondo commandeered the play-caller position and made lemonade out of lemons.  He led the NBA in steals, steals per game, and steal percentage, and made the NBA All-Defensive Team during his outstanding 2009-10 season.  He dropped 30 points for the third time in his career against Golden State while also handing out 15 helpers.  He has become a Steve Nash-like player in the sense that when he earned under 10 assists, the Celtics lost 19 times, which is 59% of the Celtics' season losses.  Though he wasn't the regular-season Celtics points leader, he WAS the Celtics assists leader, which has given him the reputation from most as the NBA's new best point guard. 
  • Most Improved Player -- A big part of Boston's production in the paint was Kendrick Perkins.  Perk's averages sit near 10 points per game and under two blocks per game in a typical 24-33 minutes on the court.  Wait - Only under two blocks per game?  Yes, and when he gets only one block per game, the C's have lost 21 contests, which accounts for 66% of the Celtics' losses this season.  Also, the 6'10" center led the Celtics in field goal percentage and two-pointer percentage, both just over .600, and recorded the highest points-per-shot (points divided by field goal attempts) of a Celtics starter.  Expect to see this continue next year as Perk eats up minutes (and points) down low.
  • 6th Man -- Being a first overall pick by the Celtics is a title that must not be taken lightly, and Tony Allen has not taken that lightly so far.  In single games this season, the "Other Allen" hit highs of 16 points, 7 assists, and 10 rebounds while acccumulating 10 points per game in his eight starts.  His track record includes numerous injuries, but T.A. has become the Celtics' Guide to Shutting Down Superstar Players, covering stars like Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant.  (While I'm on the subject of Kobe: The Black Mamba is shooting only 22.6% in the Finals thus far when guarded by T.A.  And Allen will be a free agent this year (along with five other Celtics), so many Western teams will be seeking his services.)

The Celtics finished the 2009-10 season with a 50-32 record, and currently have a 15-10 record in the playoffs. 

Any other awards that anyone feels are worthy can be posted under comments, but remember:  don't be hatin'.


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