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L.A. wants to witness the Lakers winning a championship at home.I expect so many celebrities in the Staples Center for Game 7, Leonardo DiCaprio will have to sit in the upper nosebleeds.
History bodes well for the Celtics, however. The last two teams to win on the road in the NBA Finals were the '69 and '74 Celtics but I expect Kobe to return with his Tiger Woods on Sunday atop the leaderboard smirk.  Break out your feather pens, because another chapter in Lakers-Celtics history will be written tonight.

I received an email from President Obama after Game 6 asking whether Kobe will be easier to contain than the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.  Michelle Obama showed up for Game 6, and I'm hoping Game 7 will net us a Barack cameo.  Sounds like a pipe dream (or a pipe nightmare for Louisana) but why is it acceptable for United States presidents to attend the World Series, but it almost feels taboo for a President to sit in the stands for Game 7 of the NBA Finals?

The Spurs/Pistons in 2005 is the only NBA Finals Game 7, I've ever watched but I remember being extremely uninterested in the series and the final result.  I've got a lot emotionally invested in these Lakers. I didn't jump on the bandwagon during the first 3 peat or since the Gasol acquisition.  I despised ed the original McDonalds sponsoring, kid friendly, half-fro wearing Kobe.  He went from Peter Parker to the Dark Knight.
I hopped on the bandwagon after the dynasty fell apart in 2004.  I don't like sitting in the backseat of a bandwagon crowded like a Vegas clown car. I like to be part of the Jiffy Lube crew that fixes the transmission on a Toyota bandwagon with a bad engine.  I love a good Hollywood comeback story.  Last season was the fulfillment of my investment.  Now I'm just accruing interest.

Here are a few surprise endings to the Finals, even M. Knight Shyamalan, the dean of surprise endings would be proud of.
1) Kobe fouls out and Ron Artest takes the wheel offensively by scoring 12 fourth quarter points and going 4 for 5 from behind the arc.

2) Phil Jackson misplaces his medicinal pipe, loses his temper, goes into a rage over a second quarter quarter foul and spends the second half in the locker room tweeting Brian Shaw coaching instructions.

3)  In a act of betrayal only Vince McMahon could concoct, Tom Thibodeau defects from the Celtics bench for the Lakers.  Phil Jackson reveals he put in a good word with Jerry Reinsdorf for Thibodeau in a prid pro quo exchange.

4) Three words. Game 7 Overtime.

5) Trailing by two, 97-99. Rondo is fouled on a 3 point attempt by Artest, drains all three free throws and strips LA fans in attendance of free tacos for holding opponents under 100.

6)  Ron Artest, K.G., Nate Robinson and the ghost of Rasheed Wallace initiate a bench clearing brawl which forces both coaches to play 4 on 4.  Actually Doc Rivers has Shelden Williams on the bench but decides he'll take his chances with  just Rondo, Ray Allen, Pierce and Scalabrine.

7) Intrigued by the NBA Finals' astronomical ratings, David Stern announces a best of 9 series.

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