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I'm back with another one of my tourney/league deals. This one is pretty simple I believe, and should be fun.

My idea is this:

Just TD like normal over the course of the month, trying not to lose to other FKL members.

If you lose twice to FKL members, then you're done for the month. Any Tds with FKL members will not count towards either of your records if one of the members is ineligible (they've lose twice). So if a person who is 5-1 Tds and losses to a FKL member who is 0-2, the two will remain 5-1 and 0-2 and the first person (5-1) will remain eligible. So no beating up on someone if they go 0-2 and are eliminated early to try and improve your FKL record.

For the FKL, the objective is to show your worth. How many times can you win before falling twice?

Basically, the FKL works like this:

All you members have to do is TD. You can direct challenge other members, accept open TDs from other FKL members or just have a TD accepted by someone in the FKL. Any and all TDs count. Tourney TDs, Direct Challenges, or even normal TDs that get accepted. If both FKL members TDing don't have two losses, then the TD will count as a FLK TD. It would be ideal for one of the participants to FM me the link to the TD once this happens, as find them all on my own would get tedious and I could end up missing some. I will still be on the lookout for FKL TDs though if you don't report them.

The winner will get another W added to his record, and the loser either moves one step closer to being out for the month or is knocked out all together.

Each stage of the FKL will run for a month. The minimum TDs you must complete while eligible against eligible FKL members is 5 per month to be ranked. So if you go 0-2, you won't be listed at the end of the stage. Likewise for if you build up a 2-0 record and get cold feet about TDing others in the FKL.

After the month has finished, I will post the record of all of the FKL members who are eligible. I will crown two TDers (or possibly even one) with the following achievements: Most wins overall and Most wins without a loss.

So, do you think you can go a month without losing twice to FKL members? How many other members do you think you're better than? Do you want to try to dash others' hopes of winning a stage? Then you should join the FKL. It's really no strain on you at all; all you have to do is TD like normal, making sure just to complete 5 Tds that count (so the worst record you can have is 3-2 to be eligible).

The question is: Can you handle the FKL? If so, then join this group:

The FKL will kick off starting on July 1st. TD's started on that date and after only will count. You may join the FKL at any time during the month, as long as you meet the 5 TD minimum that you could be eligible at the end of the month.

Thank you for reading and hopefully joining.

July 1, 2010  06:52 PM ET

im in...ill try to get 5 TDs done in the month


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