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What a year it has been for college football. The first BCS standings have been released, just three of the AP preseason top-10 teams (#4 LSU, #5 Oklahoma, #9 West Virginia) remain ranked in the top-10. This season has gone from: #5 Michigan losing to 1-AA Appalachian State at the Big House in week one, five top-10 teams losing in week five, #1 USC losing to Stanford at home, and finally, week six saw the #1 and #2 teams (LSU and Cal) in the country losing tight games.

Now, I have to admit that normally when Texas has early losses in the season I could care less about what else is going on in the country, but this year has proven to be the exception. Week in and week out no one knows what is going to happen. People can say that happens every year, but I personally cannot remember a season quite like this one. One preseason poll picked the following: South Carolina 9-3 #28, South Florida 8-4 #35, Arizona State 7-5 #50, and Kentucky 5-7 #75. These teams are ranked #6, #2, #8, and #7 in the country! I guess the other thing to take notice of in the above poll is how the top-10 rounded out. The prediction was for Texas, Louisville, UCLA, and Wisconsin to have a combined win-loss of 44-4. Seven weeks later Texas is the only one still ranked in the top-25 (#22) and the teams have combined for an abysmal 18-9 record.

Who knows what will happen next? The BCS is down to six (OSU, USF, BC, ASU, KAN, Hawai'i) unbeatens. Is it even possible to imagine a South Florida/Boston College national title? What about a Kansas/Arizona State final? I know it is not going to happen, but what if it did? I mean a Kansas vs. Arizona State national title game, with no disrespect meant, would end up as the lowest rated national title game ever played, right? Let's just go with this hypothetical: let's say that at the end of the year, USF, Kansas, Boston College and Hawai'i are all unbeaten. Obviously, one of them would have to get into the big game, and Hawai'I would definitely be on the outside looking in, so really, this is only if the first three go undefeated. Now, again for the sake of argument, LSU, USC, and OSU are all top-10 one loss teams........what would happen? One of those schools would have to get in so that college football could get their payday since, as we all know, that is all they care about. As for now, myself, I find myself rooting for the underdogs. I want a USF vs. Kansas national title game just for the hell of it. Again, I know it will not happen, but what if?

I know I sound more like a madman, but this has just been the weirdest season I have ever witnessed.


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