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Basketball teams entertain, begin practice at Late Night

Marcus Ginyard and Bobby Frasor perform at Late Night with Roy on Friday. Visit for more photos.

Media Credit: DTH/Allie Mullin Marcus Ginyard and Bobby Frasor perform at Late Night with Roy on Friday. Visit for more photos.

By: Gregg Found, Senior Writer

Issue date: 10/15/07 Section: Sports

Bobby Frasor was Flava Flav, Marcus Ginyard wore pantyhose and Quentin Thomas sported a head-to-toe floral outfit.

This wasn't a typical night at the Smith Center.

Instead, it was Late Night with Roy - one more chance for the North Carolina basketball team to get in some laughs before Saturday's first official day of practice.

"You get to be a different person," Frasor said afterward. Playing the part, he wore a red cape, Viking hat and gold clock necklace during his Flava Flav skit.

The latest installment of the annual October tradition was mostly about dancing and prancing with a dash of basketball thrown in at the end.

ESPN news anchor Stuart Scott ditched his business suit for a UNC T-shirt as he returned for another year to emcee the event.

"When I have a tie and makeup on, I'll be objective," Scott told the crowd. "Tonight it's all about the Heels, y'all."

He had his work cut out for him. The women's basketball team went through several technical difficulties with its dance music and the men's team took a while to move from their skits to the scrimmage.

"Man, how long does it take for men to change clothes?" Scott asked.

Once the players returned to the floor, separated into teams by blue and white practice uniforms, they got to feel a basketball in their hands instead of the inflatable blue guitars used earlier in the night.

An impromptu pre-scrimmage warmup dunk contest finally gave way to the tipoff, and Alex Stepheson tallied the first points of the season with a fast break dunk.

The surprisingly intense scrimmage featured the emergence of redshirt freshman William Graves, the smooth three-point stroke of Danny Green and the welcome of junior-varsity-turned-varsity walk-ons Jack Wooten, JB Tanner and Patrick Moody.

It also ended in a 37-37 tie, further evidence of an atypical night.

Green said the reason for the serious scrimmage was the bragging rights on the line between the junior and sophomore classes.

"Last time we beat them down a little bit," he said, referring to previous off-season pick-up games

 The women's team parodied the TV show "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" and donned Afro wigs and Spiderman costumes for some dance routines, then changed before their intrasquad scrimmage.

Fresh off back-to-back Final Four appearances, the matchup showcased highly-touted freshman recruit Italee Lucas and the return of starters Erlana Larkins and LaToya Pringle.

Aside from the scrimmages, the night was about poking fun at the players and the event's namesake.

Bobby Frasor took over the coveted Roy Williams impersonator role from the graduated Wes Miller, and he spoofed the coach's Coke commercials in a video skit.

"They told us to ad lib whenever we could," Frasor said. "I tried to make it over the top."

And he did, pounding Coke after Coke, sending Ty Lawson to fetch him more and spinning around in his office chair on a sugar high.

The skit was supposed to be a secret that Williams wouldn't discover until Friday's showing.

But a script left on his desk gave away the plan.

"I'm not going to name any names - Bobby," Scott said.

In one of the more memorable visual images of the night, Ginyard dazzled the crowd in his cross-dressing blue wig, purple sequin tank top and black pantyhose.

It marked the second year Ginyard has dressed in drag for a skit, and Frasor said Ginyard isn't afraid to play the female persona.

"I think he enjoys it."



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