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I have heard a lot of people complain about this weeks edition of the Top 25.  Some say no way Ohio State should be #1.  Some say it's a joke that teams like South Florida and Boston College are ahead of teams like Oklahoma and LSU.  Others just dont know what the hell they are talking about.

 I am an Ohio State fan obviously but even I admit there is no way this team should be considered the best team in the country.  I think they deserve a few first place votes but as of now they are not the best team in the country.  But I agree that Ohio State should be #1 based on what teams such as Oklahoma, LSU, and Southern Cal have done recently.

If I was voting in this weeks poll based on the results of last week here would be my top 5.

 1. Ohio State

2.  Oklahoma

3. South Florida

4. LSU

5. Oregon

If I was to base my voting on the actual skill of the teams and ignoring whether a loss came in the first week of the season or this most recent week my top 5 would look like this.

1. LSU

2. Oklahoma

3. Ohio State

4. South Florida

5. Oregon

Luckily the second poll doesn't matter and you can see the problems if the real polls were to be that way.  First of all that would mean if all of the remaining three teams went undefeated the rest of the way that Ohio State would be left watching this year's championship game.  That would also mean South Florida would be watching too even though they would have beaten Auburn, West Virginia, Cincinnati, and Louisville.

 Right now you have to admit the teams that are on top should be the one's on top not because they are necessarily the two best teams but they have avoided the upsets and have looked strong in their wins.

You can't tell me it would be fair if Ohio State and South Florida both went undefeated (hell put Boston College in that mix as well) and a one loss LSU or Oklahoma would go ahead of one of those teams.  It wouldnt make sense.

That could end up happening though.  Ohio State if it wins out will be in the National Championship game. Wins against Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan would be impressive enough to land Ohio State in the big game.

 Now how about South Florida.  Lets look at the quality wins and potentially quality wins for the schools that would have a chance as of now to play in the title game.

South Florida: @Auburn, West Virginia, @ Rutgers, Cincinnati

Boston College: @ Georgia Tech, @ Virginia Tech, Florida State, @Clemson

Oklahoma: @Texas, Missouri, @ Texas Tech, Big 12 Championship

LSU: Virginia Tech, South Carolina , Florida, Auburn, @ Alabama, Arkansas, SEC Championship

Now out of those teams who looks most promising? LSU of course.  Out of those teams who would you want to see play Ohio State is a Championship game? Oklahoma or LSU.

The fact is most of the country want to see two big names up against each other.  Ohio State fans travel as well as anyone in the country, and obviously it would be a home game for LSU and a much shorter distance for Oklahoma.  Now I only believe one of those teams up on that list will go unscathed from here on out.  That would be Oklahoma.

My pick for the Title Game is Ohio State vs Oklahoma.

The system works people, whether you want to admit it or not.




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