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Sports always has, and will continue to be an outlet for people.  It allows us to forget about our own worries, the world's problems and crises for a few hours.  It gives everyone something to talk about at work at lunch or around the dinner table.  Wednesday, June 23, 2010 gave us all lots to talk about. 

It started in the morning as the United States was playing Algeria in the World Cup.  Since England was ahead of Slovenia 1-0 in their match, the Americans were staring elimination squarely in the eye.  The US HAD to win to be able to advance.  One goal was disallowed because in the 20th minute, the referee said American, Clint Dempsey was offside.  So onward we go in the match.   In the second half, the Americans would have chance after chance.  A header that went right at the Alegerian's keepers hands to deflect it away.  A seemingly gimme shot with 12 yards sailed high.  It would remain scoreless as we entered stoppage time.  

The drama was building.  Just one minute into extra time, the Algerian's mount an attack and get a head shot on goal which was stopped by goalie, Tim Howard.  Howard sends a throw that lands at the feat of Donovan at midfield.   Donovan passed to Jozy Altidore at the edge of the penalty box.  Altidore would send a pass to the middle of the box and Clint Dempsey who had a one touch shot from six yards out.  Algerian's keeper as at Dempsey's feet to thwart the shot, however, Donovan raced in and hit the one timer to find the back of the net.  That sent the American side, along with countless homes and offices as well, into a frenzy.  In just 15 short seconds, the US goes from being tourists on the African continent, to winners of their group.  The first time that has happened since 1930.

Next up in the day was the incredible tennis match at Wimbledon between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.   The match will have lasted over three days over 10 total hours.  this match was something if you were watching, you just couldn't turn away from.  At the end of day two, Isner looked to be totally drained but wouldn't give in.  Mahut returned a shot and had his back to the wall.  Isner put his return shot, short and Mahut gave full chase and dove.  While he wasn't able to get a racket on it, the fans loved his hustle at the late stage.  It even drew admiration from Isner who smiled and applauded himself.  As I write this, the match continues.

Finally at the end of the day, TCU was playing Florida State in the College World Series in an elimination game.  FSU was ahead by five runs going into the 8th inning.  The Horned Frogs were at bat and had bases loaded and down by two, 7-5.  With a 3-2 count, Matt Curry launched the pitch over the left field fence that gave all the momentum to the TCU dugout and a two run lead.  The Horned Frogs would get another two runs and would eventually win by the 11-7 margin. 

Three incredible sports stories that played out live on our tv's and on the internet.  Three stories that made us forget about the gulf oil disaster, wars on foreign soils, and small annoyances.  Three sports stories that dominated not only sports talk shows, but radio and tv programs as well.  Three incredible sports stories on the same calender day, June 23, 2010.  If you can find a better all around sports day in history, please let me know what it is because I think that would be hard to do. 





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