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A few blogs ago, I asked how the Giants could stop hemorrhaging and start winning.  Well, it's been answered and his name is Steve Spagnuolo.  The defensive coordinator that we stole from Philly has started showing what his genius can do.  The Eagles defense would terrorize teams the last few years with their blitz schemes and coverage's, hiding the blitzing LB's and Safeties and sending a blitz that would overload one side with more people than there were blockers.  But during the first two games of the Giants season, it was like no one on the defensive side understood what was going on.  Basically, they looked lost.  The last four games have been a different story.  Instead of trying to hide what he's doing, Spagnuolo lets every offensive player know that of the seven in the box, any player might blitz.  With the endless talent of Defensive Ends and a highly active and aggressive Antonio Pierce, the defense has looked unstoppable.

Coming off an impressive four game winning streak that had more to do with the defense stepping up then it has the offense putting up numbers.  Holding their opponents to only 54 points in four games!  For those of you who are like me and are math illiterate, that works out to 13.5 points per game, a pretty impressive number versus 106 points for the Giants.

Osi Umenyiora is playing at a caliber usually seen by the opposite end Michael Strahan.  Osi has been absolutely dominating and has forced teams to double team leaving more men open on the line.  Justin Tuck is a great rotation player that disrupts plays almost as often as the starters.  Mathias Kiwanuka is starting to play up to standards after the transition to Linebacker.  He finds himself in the right spot quite often and is becoming a force in the flats.

The Offense is starting to play like every fan has expected.  Burress and Manning are on fire right now.  Burress is tied at first with 8 TD's and the combo is one of the highest scoring duos in the League.  The huge back, Brandon Jacobs, looks like a faster Jerome Bettis coming out of the backfield and has racked up nice numbers in comparison to his carries.  If he can just play an entire game without getting hurt.

It's early and there is plenty of time for the Giants to cool off and start losing again.  But four straight games is a big message, especially when two of them are against division rivals Eagles and the Redskins.  As long as Manning keeps firing the ball around and the defense keeps finding ways to get to the QB, I can see this team heading into the Post-season once again.  With this defense and its current play holding strong, getting past the first round this year won't be a problem.


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