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I've been very.very.very busy lately which is the reason why I'm a little behind. So I'm cramming 2 posts into 1. Both games into 1 page. To keep all 5 of you happy.

Indians vs. Red Sox, Game 3, Jacobs Field, Westbrook vs. Dice-K

123456789 RHE  BOS (4-2)000000200 270  FinalCLE (5-2)02002000X 461 

Boston Red SoxHittersABRHRBIBBSOLOBAVGD Pedroia 2B4000021.167K Youkilis 1B3010110.364D Ortiz DH3010101.444M Ramirez LF3010102.444M Lowell 3B4010001.333J Drew RF4110001.273J Varitek C4112003.143C Crisp CF3000013.250J Lugo SS3010000.182Totals312723412

Cleveland IndiansHittersABRHRBIBBSOLOBAVGG Sizemore CF3100100.231A Cabrera 2B4021010.333T Hafner DH3001111.273V Martinez C3010112.364R Garko 1B4110023.333J Peralta SS4000032.308K Lofton LF3112010.308T Nixon RF3000010.250   F Gutierrez RF0000000.100C Blake 3B3110000.250Totals304643108

Boston Red SoxPitchersIP H RERBBSOHRPC-STERAD Matsuzaka (L, 0-1)4.2644261101-597.71M Timlin1.100002020-110.00H Okajima1.100010019-120.00M Delcarmen0.20000207-66.75Totals8.06443101147-88 

Cleveland IndiansPitchersIP H RERBBSOHRPC-STERAJ Westbrook (W, 1-0)6.2722321104-662.70J Lewis (H, 1)0.10000108-65.40R Betancourt (H, 1)1.000001013-110.00J Borowski (S, 1)1.000000017-120.00Totals9.0722341142-95

What Happened?

Gonna skip the play of the game and such. Both pitchers started off good. But Dice-K was the first to crack in the 2nd inning, giving up a very surprising 2-run HR to Kenny Lofton. What a great pick-up he has been for this team. They really needed another spark-plug with speed and he has been all that. Dice-K would be taken out in the 5th inning, after giving up 2 more runs. One on a single and the other from a fielder's choice. Timlin came in to stop the fire and held the game at 4-0. Meanwhile, Westbrook had his stuff going. The 2nd inning was the big blow. After the Red Sox loaded the bases with no one out, Tex popped up. Followed by a double play off the bat of Mr.Crisp.

Westbrook was dealin until the 7th, which is when he gave up that bomb to Varitex. That 2-run shot cut the lead in half with no one out. But that great Indians bullpen came calling again. By the 8th inning, it was basically over. Betancourt did his usual thing: being unhittable. And Borowski actually closed a game quick and easy. Something he is not known for. Final score...

Indians 4  Red Sox 2

Pick- I'm thinking the Indians will win 7-3.

Indians vs Red Sox, Game 4, Jacobs Field, Byrd vs Wakefield

 123456789 RHE  BOS (4-3)000003000 381  FinalCLE (6-2)00007000X 790 

Hey, look at that. Right on the money.

Boston Red SoxHittersABRHRBIBBSOLOBAVGDustin Pedroia, 2B4010000.172Kevin Youkilis, 1B4121000.333David Ortiz, DH4111012.500Manny Ramirez, LF4121000.429Mike Lowell, 3B4000000.280J.D. Drew, RF4010011.231Coco Crisp, CF4000012.192Doug Mirabelli, C2000010.000    Jason Varitek, C1010000.192Julio Lugo, SS3000001.208Totals3438304 

Cleveland IndiansHittersABRHRBIBBSOLOBAVGGrady Sizemore, CF3100202.281Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B5111024.235Travis Hafner, DH4000044.226Victor Martinez, 1B4111002.344Jhonny Peralta, SS4123010.406Kenny Lofton, LF4110011.333Casey Blake, 3B4122010.212Franklin Gutierrez, RF2110210.182Kelly Shoppach, C3010023.500Totals33797412

Boston Red SoxPitchersIPHRERBBSOHRERATim Wakefield (L,0-1)4.25552719.64Manny Delcarmen0.13221119.00Jon Lester31001404.91

Cleveland IndiansPitchersIPHRERBBSOHRERAPaul Byrd (W,2-0)56220423.60Jensen Lewis22110013.68Rafael Betancourt20000000.00

What Happened?

This game was a weird trip. All the runs were scored in bunches. And some of them in odd to incredible ways. Lets skip all the way to the 5th inning. Both pitchers have been good so far. Afew jams here and there but no results yet. Well, the 5th inning was where this game imploded for the Red Sox. Enjoy:

-Casey Blake Homers To Left = 1-0

-Gutierrez Singles To Left

-Shoppach Gets Hit By a Pitch

-Sizemore Reaches First On A Fielder's Choice. Soppach Out At Second, Gutierrez Goes To Third.

-Carbrera Reaches On An Infield Single = 2-0

Let me further explain this important play. Cabrera hits a hot shot right up the middle towards the first base side. Wakefield, going with his natural reaction, tries to catch the ball. He doesn't. Rather, the ball tips off his glove, rolls slowly toward Pedroia who is waiting behind Wakefield. Everyone is safe, 1 run crosses the plate, it's 2-0. If that ball doesn't hit Wakefield's glove, Pedroia would hvae probably caught the ball and there is 2 out. Another example of how the little things can change the the face of a game or even an entire series. Don't need Dane Cook telling you that.

-Hafner Strikes Out

-Victor Martinez Singles To Left = 3-0

-Manny Delcarmen Comes In For Wakefield

-Jhonny Peralta Hits A 3-Run HR Into Right = 6-0

That's really the game. Lofton gets a single, steals second, then scores on Casey Blake's 2nd hit of the inning, a single.

After that meltdown, the Indians must have been feeling mighty fine. Not Byrd. Perhaps all the extra rest hurt him. He comes into the 6th, gives up back-to-back HR's to Youk and Papi. So since Byrd can't get an out, Jensen Lewis steps on the mound and gives up another HR to Manny. Back-to-back-to-back HRs. The Red Sox couldn't build off that though. The rest of the game was like Game 3. That pesky Indians bullpen shutting them down again. The final tally...

Indians 7  Red Sox 3


Besides of Beckett, no Red Sox starter has gone 5 innings. The Red Sox pitching has struggled, the Indian's bullpen has been dynamite, and the clutch hitting on Cleveland's side has been fantastic. Beckett will stop the bleeding and put out the fire. Another great performance by him brings it back to Fenway Park. I shall say...5-1 Red Sox.

I'm done.


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