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Reportedly the Knicks have 5 year 99 million dollar deal on the table for Amare Stoudemire, in what many insiders are labeling a "desperation move" because the Knicks have struck out with landing one of the "Big 3???; Lebron, DWade or Chris Bosh. Truthfully the Knicks haven't "struck out" with anyone yet... NO ONE HAS... NEITHER ONE OF THE "BIG 3??? HAS MADE A DECISION. Sorry but it erks me sometimes.

I have a problem with the "Big 3???. Obviously Lebron and Wade are choice 1 and 1a, but how does Bosh fit into the "Big 3??? and over Amare?

I mean..

Lebron has been on 6 consecutive All-star teams, won MVP... twice, lead his team to the eastern conference finals twice and to the NBA Finals once among many other individual accolades.

D. Wade has been to 6 consecutive All-Star teams, won NBA Finals MVP and obviously lead his team to the NBA Finals.

What has Bosh done? Bosh has been on 4 consecutive All Star teams in 7 seasons. His team has made the playoffs twice in the last 7 seasons and never even came close to reaching the Eastern Conference Finals

Now lets compare that to Amare. Amare has been on 5 All-Star teams in 8 seasons. Amare's team has been to the playoffs 5 of the last 8 seasons. Amare has helped lead his team to two Western Conference Finals appearances. Amare averaged 26 pts and 8.9 rebounds and 1.6 blocks on a 62-20 Pheonix team that included Joe Johnson (top 2010 FA), Steve Nash, Quentin Richardson and Shawn Marion. Amare averaged 29.9 pts and 10.7 Rebounds and 2 Blocks per game during Pheonix's playoff run to the Western Conference Finals that season.

Amare is 27 yrs and has career averages of 21.4 pts, 8.9 reb and 1.4 blocks, .544 FG% playoff averages of 24.2 pts, 9.2 reb and 2.67 blocks per game, .522 FG%

Bosh is 26 yrs old and has career averages of 20.2 pts, 9.2 reb and 1.2 blocks, .492 FG% playoff averages of 20.5 pts 9 rebs and 2.27 blocks, .433 FG%

Amare and Bosh are basically a wash in regular season numbers while Amare has slightly better playoff numbers. Amare and Bosh basically offset each other statistically, but remember Amare played for a much better team that has been deep in the playoffs. Given the strength in team and conference plus playoff experience... Amare just may be the 3rd best player in this years Free Agency.

Neither Amari or Bosh are in the realm of Lebron or D.Wade but given the statistics I find it hard to accept that Bosh belongs mentioned in that group of the "Big 3??? free agents and not Amare.

In my opinion the Knicks may be getting the better of the two free agents. I dont believe Bosh would average 26 pts per game surrounded by a cast of Steve Nash, Joe Johnson and Shawn Marion.

Given that Amare's knee and eye holds up I believe the Knicks may be getting better of the two players.



July 5, 2010  11:47 PM ET

Bosh > Amare

Though Amare is more entertaining to watch; also you lost me at the end of this post

July 6, 2010  11:45 AM ET

In 16 playoff games this year (when it really counted), Stoudemire posted 5 or fewer rebounds 7 times, and doesn't play defense. Bosh is a perennial 20-10 guy. The reason the Raptors have not advanced further in the playoffs is because he's never been surrounded with the help he's needed. If you believe the Bricks are getting the better player, you should probably study the game a little more.

July 6, 2010  03:52 PM ET

^^^ Guess you can say the same thing for David Lee then huh? I just dont think Bosh is someone you build around. I think Bosh is a number 2 guy. I think Bosh already reached his peak and will plateau until he begins to fall. Amar'e on the other hand has freakish athletic abilities... and I believe has not reached his peak as of yet.

July 6, 2010  03:57 PM ET

@hllywd: Old... yet still Amar'e was a key piece to Western Conference Finalist.. they wouldn't have gotten their without him. You have to understand basketball... and how and where he was used in the system. Offensive teams used their bigs to draw Amar'e outside and away from the basket. Plus Amar'e is athletic enough to be used against stretch 3's and 4's, so that will lessen his defensive rebounding

Offensively Amar'e is the number 1 option, so he's used in a lot of Pick & Rolls with Nash and Pick and pops which keeps him away from the boards.

Believe me I've studied the game!!


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