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I have revised the draft order, draft picks, and added a 2nd Round to my Mock Draft. Let me know what you guys think!

 (Once again please refrain from focusing on the order too much)


  1. Dolphins - (TRADE...Dolphins trade the #1 pick to Dallas for the #7, #31, and #95 picks along with Julius Jones.) Dallas - Darren McFadden. I really think Jerry Jones want to make a splash this year with his two first round picks. With the addition of McFadden, Jones becomes expendable. Barber and McFadden could form the best running duo in the NFL.
  2. Rams - Jake Long. Having a down year but is still the best tackle prospect in this year's draft. When healthy the Rams have exceptional skill position players. This pick solidifies a line that is in shambles right now.
  3. Falcons - Brian Brohm. Petrino gets his wish with Brohm. He tutored him at Louisville and will do the same in Atlanta. They can finally put Vick behind them with this pick.
  4. Bills - Glenn Dorsey. Considered by some as the best prospect in the draft. The Bills need help on both sides of the ball and can't afford to pass up a player with Dorsey's talent.
  5. Jets - Derrick Harvey. This guy can basically fill two needs for the Jets because he could play either DE or OLB in that 3-4 scheme. The pass rush of the Jets gets an instant upgrade with this pick.
  6. Raiders - DeSean Jackson. The Raiders need big playmakers on offense and this guy is exactly that. He's electric every time he touches the ball and he gives Russell a needed weapon. He also instantly upgrades the return game.
  7. Patriots (from 49ers) - Malcolm Jenkins. What a luxury they will have here. They win the Super Bowl and get the 7th pick in the draft. With Samuel possibly looking elsewhere to land a big contract the Patriots will need to find a replacement. This guy is exactly that. Best corner prospect in this year's draft. He can step in and start from day 1.
  8. Lions - Chris Long. They need help on defense...and a lot of it. This young man is a start. He instantly turns their pass rush from not so good to pretty darn good. Teamed up with Shaun Rogers, Cory Redding, and Dewayne White they could form one of the best front fours in the NFL.
  9. Dolphins (from Cowboys from Browns) - Sam Baker. They need help everywhere. Some might call this a stretch here...I don't. He's going to be a good offensive tackle for the next 10 years and brings a little stability to the OL.
  10. Vikings - Calais Campbell. Great pick here for the Vikings. After hitting big on Peterson last year in the first round they do the same this year on the other side of the ball. This guy could develop into one of the leagues best. They are dead last against the pass this year and a lot of that has to do with a lack of pass rush. This guy will help to improve that...a lot.
  11. Chiefs - Andre Woodson. I just can't see potential in Brody Croyle. Bring on Woodson. Talented QB who they can afford to sit for a year behind Huard before he takes the reigns. If LJ sticks around long enough, they could develop one hell of an offense.
  12. Bengals - James Lauranitis. Bengals need help all over the place on defense. This guy shores up a linebacking core that was decimated by injuries this season. Can play a very similar role to A.J. Hawk in Green Bay. Come in on a young defense, lead early, and turn them into a formidable unit.
  13. Saints - Justin King. No-brainer here. Saints need help in the secondary and this guy could develop into a potential shut down corner. Paired with McKenzie they could go from really bad to above average.
  14. Bears - Matt Ryan. The Bears would be thrilled to see Ryan fall to them here. Grossman and Griese have had their shots and they stink. Bring in Ryan. He will probably sit for a year behind one of those two clowns and then be ready to lead this offense back towards respectability.
  15. Eagles - Kenny Phillips. Steal of the draft right here. Eagles fill a hole in the secondary with a dominating safety in Phillips. This guy has all the physical tools to be a stud in this league. Paired with Dawkins they become an extremely feared duo.
  16. Cardinals - Antoine Cason. Young, talented defense continues to get better with the addition of Cason. Potential to be a shut down corner which would take this defense to a whole other level.
  17. Texans - Ryan Clady. They need OL help and have since they came into the league. This guy finally gives them a little stability. Immediate upgrade to the offense. Texans continue to move in the right direction with this pick.
  18. Broncos - Keith Rivers. 32nd ranked defense against the run. After the departure of Al Wilson, this defense really took a hit and its run defense never recovered. This guy could take care of a lot of that.
  19. Redskins - Vernon Gholston. This guy is shooting up the draft boards and the Redskins drastically need a pass rush. It's a match made in heaven. After passing on DE's the past couple years, Washington gets a good one here. He will help that awful pass rush immediately.
  20. Titans - Malcolm Kelly. Titans need WR's about as bad as Donald Trump needs a new haircut. They have a solid ground game and their QB for the next 10 they need some weapons on the outside to compliment that. Kelly could become their #1 receiver by the time of their first regular season game.
  21. Seahawks - Gosder Cherilus. Not a whole lot of major holes on this team but OL is a little shaky and Jones can't play forever. Cherilus becomes the heir apparent to Jones and in the meantime plays on the right side to form a great pair of tackles.
  22. Chargers - Ray Maualuga. Not a lot of major holes so they can afford to take anyone they wish here. Maualuga will push some of those LB's based on talent alone. If he puts it all together Ray could become a force on this defense.
  23. Giants - Steve Slaton. I really feel strongly that the Giants would love to get a true thunder/lightning combo. Pairing Slaton with Jacobs takes a great deal of pressure off of Eli Manning and turns their offense into a potent one.
  24. Panthers - Michael Oher. Need a lot of help on the offensive line. Oher can play either guard or tackle so he can really solidify that line.
  25. Buccaneers - Sederick Ellis. Defensive tackle is a huge priority for the Bucs and this guy is a stud. He is a steal at #25 and the Bucs defense gets that much better...and more importantly gets younger.
  26. Ravens - Quentin Groves. Perfect fit for the Ravens. An Adalius Thomas like player who can bring that combo DE/OLB position back to life for the Ravens.
  27. Jaguars - Lawrence Jackson. If McCray leaves that will leave a huge hole at DE. Jackson would plug that hole instantly.
  28. Steelers - Adarius Bowman. Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes are good but Ward can't play forever and the Steelers need a big target for Big Ben. Bowman could take that offense to a whole other level.
  29. Packers - Dajuan Tribble. Woodson and Harris are getting up there in age. Tribble is a talented athlete who could step in as their replacement whenever it is that may be.
  30. 49ers - Early Doucett. Alex Smith is going to need weapons to throw to. Doucett improves their group of WR significantly.
  31. Dolphins - Dan Connor. Connor slides down draft boards because other LB have higher upside. Outside of Lauranitis there wasn't a LB in this draft more ready to contribute than Connor. Dolphins get some relief for an aging linebacking unit.
  32. Pats - Forfeit. How much can this really hurt when you've already got Jenkins?


  1. Dolphins - Limas Sweed. Goodbye Chambers, hello Sweed.
  2. Rams - Ali Highsmith. Defense needs help. High upside on this guy.
  3. Falcons - Frank Okam. Solidifies D-Line.
  4. Bills - Harry Douglas. Desperately need someone opposite of Evans.
  5. Jets - Reggie Smith. Can play either corner or safety. Jets' secondary becomes one of the best with Rhodes, Revis, and now Smith.
  6. Raiders - Barry Richardson. OL needs help. Good value pick here.
  7. 49ers - Tommy Blake. High-risk, high-reward. Could turn into one of the best ends in the league or the DE version of Lawrence Phillips.
  8. Lions - Terrell Thomas. After nabbing a DE in the 1st round and passing on a DB, they grab the best available CB here. Thomas is a rising star in this draft, so he may not be here at this point.
  9. Browns - Jonathan Stewart. How does Stewart fall this far?! Just works out that way. Browns benefit.
  10. Vikings - Fred Davis. No WR worth it here so they take the next best thing and grab the best TE prospect in the draft. Converted WR that will improve offense.
  11. Chiefs - Chris Williams. OL needs help. Could step in and play from day 1.
  12. Bengals - Andre Fluellen. Continue to build that defense back up. This DT could command double-teams.
  13. Saints - Phillip Wheeler. Good LB prospect who helps a bad defense.
  14. Bears - Eric Young. OL needs to get younger and better. He helps with both.
  15. Eagles - Xavier Adibi. Playmaking LB adds talent to the position.
  16. Cardinals - Shawn Crable. Possibly the second defensive starter they've added in the draft. Talented D once again gets that much better.
  17. Texans - Mike Hart. Another RB who fell further than probably should have. Texans are thrilled to get him here. Could be their starter by week 1.
  18. Broncos - DJ Hall. WR is a need area and Hall improves that unit.
  19. Redskins - Andre Caldwell. Need young talent on the outside. High upside with Caldwell.
  20. Titans - DeMario Presley. DL very inconsistent and Presley can add some stability and talent.
  21. Seahawks - Martellus Bennett. Very good TE prospect who fills a hole at TE that was left when Jeremy Stevens jumped ship.
  22. Dolphins (from Chargers) - Aqib Talib. Another solid pick in the plethora of draft choices the Dolphins have. Infuses some talent into that secondary.
  23. Giants - Red Bryant. Need a DT that can draw blockers away from the two ends. Bryant could possibly be that guy.
  24. Panthers - Jonathan Hefney. Another guy who can play CB or S. Secondary needs some help and Hefney can provide some.
  25. Buccaneers - Mike Jenkins. Similar do Ellis in that he infuses young talent into an old and talented team.
  26. Ravens - Kendall Langford. Another small school guy that the Ravens feel fits their mold. Great DE in a 3-4 scheme.
  27. Jaguars - Dwight Lowery. Very talented CB who is a great value at pick #59.
  28. Steelers - Heath Benedict. OL isn't a gigantic need for the Steelers but that line is getting older and now could be a good time to start developing replacements.
  29. Packers - Tavares Gooden. This defense becomes a dominate one with their 3rd young, talented LB in Gooden and 1st round pick Tribble.
  30. Colts - Ezra Butler. Solid LB prospect who could push for time early.
  31. Cowboys - Tracy Porter. Defense is where they need to improve and you can never have too many CB. They can afford to add depth at this point.
  32. Pats - Bruce Davis. Perfect guy for the Patriots. Versatile and fast. Adds youth to an aging defense.

What's everyone think?



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