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Stan Verrett: Welcome back to Sportscenter, I'm Stan Vertatt with Cameron Diaz, and Tom Cruise, with the Top 10 Plays

Cameron Diaz: And we start in Houston...

Stan Verrett: ... wow what a catch. Well, an hour has passed, but we still got one more to go. John Anderson and Chris Berman are waiting for another hour of Sportscenter.

Cameron Diaz: See ya!

John Anderson: What a day in sports, folks.

Chris Berman: We've got NBA free agency, summer league, baseball, and Tiger Woods, but first we will bring you information on today's top story, the first week of the NOTL.

John Anderson: Well the games, kicked off around 4th of July, creating mass confusion during opening round. We've got Stewart Scott with us today to break down the situation. Stew, what do you got for us?

Steve Berthiaume: Hey guys! Independence Day weekend produced an unusual weekend for the NOTL, as many owners were out of town and could not produce arguments 100% to their ability, and in one cast, no throwdown was even created.

John Anderson: That has obviously been the main story of the opening weekend. What exactly happened?

Steve Berthiaume: Well, guys, it looks like the 4th of July hit our owners here hard. No throwdown was created by Nene Forever. Nene Forever said, "[I] never recieved a lineup from him so I thought I won via forfiet." He also said Dyhard's profile said he was gone from July 2nd through the 5th.

Chris Berman: What action could the league take?

Steve Berthiaume: Well Chris, the league could do many things. The two most likely things that could happen depend on what Dyhard says when he comes back from his trip. If Dyhard thinks he deserves a loss, then they will credit the win to Nene Forever. But if Dyhard says it's also Nene's fault, then the league could create a draw. If nothing happens though, the league will give Nene Forever a 6-0 win.

John Anderson: What do you think Dyhard will say?

Steve Berthiaume: It's impossible to tell. My personal guess is that he will take blame but also blame Nene Forever for not contacting it. We will find out soon enough.

Chris Berman: Alright Steve, on to the next throwdown, was Independence Day a factor in the match between Devin Harris and player/commisioner Fossil Ridger?

Steve Berthiaume: Fossil Ridger and Devin Harris both had to leave town early Thursday morning for family reasons, so their arguments weren't considered to be top notch exactly. Commenters criticized their arguments, and both sides admitted that the were rushed and produced in a hurry. Devin Harris said, "We were forced to finish the throwdown in two hours, with little time to research and find strong ways to argue. I'm just glad I came out on top."

John Anderson: Were you impressed with their arguments knowing they had little time to create them?

Steve Berthiaume: Knowing that bit of information does defend them, but their is still no excuse for the illogical arguments that they submitted.

Chris Berman: Can you tell us exactly what happened in the throwdown, Steve?

Steve Berthiaume: Well, Chris, Ridger started off with a decent opening argument, criticizing Harris's lack of role players, while he went on to explain how his team had the right amount of scorers and role players. Harris defended this by saying, "you've basically stated that my team has better talent." Harris never defended his problem of having too many number 1 scorers. In Ridger's 2nd argument, instead of trying to exploit that hole, he tried to prove that his team was better offensivly one on one. Harris defeated Ridger in that playing field. That is where Ridger lost the majority of his votes. He tried to reargue his first argument in his third, but by then it was already over, and Harris came out on top 7-5.

John Anderson: On to the last match, where Conspirancy argued versus Rudedog. Anything abnormal here Steve?

Steve Berthiaume: [laughs] It was the most normal throwdown of the opening throwdowns, but it still was weird.

Chris Berman: And how did this "closest to normal" throwdown play out?

Steve Berthiaume: The throwdown turned out to be the classic "team-first versus 1-on-1" that seems to be throwing itself into the NBA. Rudedog was arguing that his team, "did not have too many stars." Conspiracy countered with an example of the Boston Three Party, pointing out that three #1 scoring options can lead to success. Rudedog argued that the Big 3 in Boston was a success only because the players knew they were nearing the end of their careers and realized this was there only chance of success. He then wisely pointed out that these players were all in their prime and advised Conspiracy not to count on his players to be willing to play team basketball. Conspiracy then informed Rudedog that his players have all mostly played together in the Olympics, and that they are all willing to play together. It was a great throwdown going into the last argument!

John Anderson: What happened in the final argument?

Steve Berthiaume: Well, Scott, Rudedog forfieted his turn. He later said in the comment section, "[I] Spent the day with friends at a party. Who can turn down 19 year olds in bathing suits? I feel it was a valid forfeited turn." What could have been an intense start to this league ended in a 9-5 win for Conspiracy.

Chris Berman: Well what an opening weekend! Huh? To fully comprehend the events that occured this week involving the NOTL, we now send you over to Michelle Bonner with the Coors Light Cold Hard Facts. Michelle.

Michelle Bonner: Thanks guys. Today I'm with Larry Biel, the sports broadcaster on ABC news San Franciso for the Coors Light Cold Hard Facts. Larry how are you?

Larry Biel: I'm doing great, how are you?

Michelle Bonner: I'm good, thanks. Let's get started with the Coors Light Cold Hard Facts. First off, Larry, does Rudedog's forfieted third argument in his throwdown with Conspiracy question his commitment to the league?

Larry Biel: No, no, Rudedog is probably one of the most committed members of the league. He was the third person to join, and has since participated in every league event with active enthusiasm. He only missed one argument. Yes, it was a key argument in a tight throwdown. But, if you had the chance, would you choose spending the day on your computer or hanging out at a party? I think this proves that Rudedog actually has a life outside of Fannation.

Michelle Bonner: Alright, now for the second Coors Light Cold Hard Fact, how bad were the arguments between Devin Harris and Fossil Ridger?

Larry Biel: Pretty bad, but with good reason. According to player/commisioner Fossil Ridger, they had fanmailed Tuesday night about when to throwdown, and agreed to do it Wednesday night. Devin Harris couldn't get on until about 9ET and Fossil Ridger, living in Colorado, wanted to be in bed by11ET due to his early departue time in the morning. That left about two hours of throwdowning, while Fossil Ridger had to eat dinner and pack. According to that story, it seems like Fossil Ridger wasn't exactly in the throwdowning mood and wanted to get them over with quickly. Which makes sense. His reasoning was out of line, his stratagies stupid and ineffective, and his jumping around from point to point confused voters. He lost this argument for a reason. Devin Harris, on the other hand, actually had decent arguments. His 1st one was iffy, but he countered Ridger's joke of a second argument and third arguments with confidence and ease and seemed to have the upper hand. He deserved to win.

Michelle Bonner: Our third question, who is to blame for the miscommunication between Nene Forever and Dyhard?

Larry Biel: Both. Nene Forever didn't send an e-mail checking on Dyhard, but Dyhard also didn't send his lineup in, causing an automatic forfiet, according to what we know. Dyhard, in the comment section of the Official Rules Blog, said good luck to Nene Forever on June 29th, which was Tuesday, which means he read the blog and had a chance to send his lineup. I think Dyhard is a little more to blame, but Nene could have at least cleared up the situation by checking up on him.

Michelle Bonner: Alright we are taking a commericial break. We'll be right back, with the Coors Light Cold Hard Facts.

 Michelle Bonner: Welcome back to Sportscenter. We have Larry Biel with us today to answer our Coors Light Cold Hard Facts. Let's keep rolling. Larry, can we expect a weirder week than what we just witnessed?

Larry Biel: Last week was certaintly out of the ordinary, but the reason is because it started on the fourth of july weekend, probably the busiest weekend in the summer. There will be a couple of odd throwdowns, but never all three as we saw this past week.

Michelle Bonner: It was very weird. Our fifth Coors Light Cold Hard Fact, Larry. Who, through all the weirdness, impressed you the most?

Larry Biel: Devin Harris, who was 4-15-2 going into his throwdown against a .500 throwdowner in Fossil Ridger, argued better than his record shows. But Conspiracy stood strong in a tight throwdown. Rudedog pointed out a weakness, and Conspiracy countered with precise points. He also did not seem to be intimidated by the veteran throwdowner. If he keeps this up, he'll be my favorite to win the championship!

Michelle Bonner: And for our final question, Larry, who were you most dissapointed in?

Larry Biel: Fossil Ridger didn't show up to play, but I'm actually most dissapointed in Nene Forever and Dyhard for their lack of communication. You have to communicate with your opponent. Nene Forever will be credited with the win, but from reports I've heard that the league might reverse it into a draw. Communication is key in this league, between players and players, players and commisioner, players and opponents. Those two have failed the communication test so far.

Michelle Bonner: He knows what he is talking about. Those were the Coors Light Cold Hard Facts. As always, Larry, it's great to have you on the show.

Larry Biel: It's always a pleasure to be here. Thanks Michelle.

John Anderson: Here is a recap of the past week's throwdowns:


Conspiracy over Rudedog (9-5)

Devin Harris over Fossil Ridger (7-5)

Nene Forever defeats Dyhard 5-0 via forfiet*

* - subject to change


Chris Berman: And now for the upcoming schedule


Fossil Ridger @ Rudedog

Nene Forever @ Conspiracy

Dyhard @ Devin Harris



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