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go here for full commentary..more like a great debate between Cassidy and myself, got to defend my picks!  http://www.fannation.com/blogs/post/69055

DALLAS over Minnesota-  well T.O. is up to his antics again, so this might mean trouble for the Boys!  However, in the end the impressive moves of Peterson isn't going to be enough to corral Romo's (i hate him) assault, Jason Whitten is the white boy the could! 

BALTIMORE over Buffalo-  Benching Loseman for Edwards is going to bring a much needed positive change in Buffalo, but its not going to be enough to overcome Bmore.  Admittedly, I don't think either team is going to blow the other out, but we MUST be real! Both teams have interesting QB situations, and I do agree that Edwards is most probably the better bet...HOWEVER, he isn't going to fair well against Ray and Crew. This game, with two shakey QB's, is going to be about the run, POINT BLANK!  Now, how in sin is Buffalo going to outrun Bmore (in future years..yes, but not right now)....McGahee is going to light Buffalo up...man that psychological component is a beast, he has some revenge to dish out! Additionally...the stats don't lie...lets break it down,

1. Rushing Per Game - Bmore = 107.2; Buffalo = 98.2

2. Total Rushing for the season - Bmore = 643; Buffalo = 491 

Buffalo's rushing game is decent, rookie Marshawn Lynch is THAT dude, but its simply not good enough to surpass Bmore's more experienced running game! Its going to be a low scoring, run dominated game. Furthermore, Bmore's defense is better...and they can contain the Trent Edwards attack...if we can call it that! Stover with the game winner!

 P.S. Jauron v. Billick....B wit the W!

NEW ENGLAND over Miami ??? BORING, although admittedly, this could be the upset of the season (I pray so, as I don't like the Pats!)  Miami traded Chambers...you think that change could spark some life into this dead franchise...HECK NAW, New England with the easy W, unless they come in with the big head and get ROCKED!  Every team has their dude...and Ronnie Brown is that dude...but in the end DOWN WIT BROWN!

NEW ORLEANS over Atlanta- N.O. is back...but so is Leftwhich, hummm this is going to be interesting, but I suspect Bush got mad at Peterson for jacking his swagger...so he is FINALLY focused man!

GIANTS over San Fran-  WE WANT ALEX, his sweet sexy self!!  Seriously, I really feel for San Fran, they went out and got some really good talent this year...from Nate Clements, Patrick Willis to Ashlie Lelie...not to mention powerhouses Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, and Alex Smith (the really connected against Seattle last season!) San Fran is really going to be something in the future...But, they just aren't there yet!  Osi and Mike are going to eat Trent Dilfer for lunch....Alex better be glad he wont be making this weeks return!  I hate to say it but, NYG has officially got their swagger back, Eli is looking better (i vomited in my throat, i dont like this kid) and his recieving core is alright with me!  NYG stand up, San Fran, just take a knee! 

ARIZONA over Washington-  First of all do note that I am a die hard AZ fan, I stand by my team!  And plus, a sista can dream cant she? Now, I know this is a rogue decision, but trust me I think AZ can take the W!  In the end, the QB situation is going to work out in Arizona...We got some options, I think the Rattay signing was hasty but they didn't have a choice. We brought in Tim....I mean anything is a step up from Rat boy, and we got Boldin back...I wouldn't be suprised to hear him call an audible once or twice this season...lol! So, I don't think we can put a nail in the coffin of AZ quit yet, if they pulled of the Pitts victory they can do something against the Skins...are any of us prepared to say that the Skins are better than Pitts...so if you can beat Pitts you can beat the Skins. Defensively, AZ has what it takes to shut down the inexperienced Campbell, the Skins recieving core is a fluke this season. If AZ comes to win, they can take the Victory!

TENESSEE over Houston - This selection was a tough one but it came down the the EQUALIZER!  Johnson is arguably Houston's best player...but once again he is out, and Tenn is without Young for now...so we will call it the great equalizer...but in the end its Kerry Collins to the rescue! Can we really be confident that Houston is superior?  BUT in the final analysis...both teams really do suck and neither are going to the playoffs, so who cares...skip this game and cut the grass!

TAMPA BAY over Detriot-  TB is like a Sleeper Cell of terrorist.... Rise up TB!

OAKLAND over Kansas City - I took some heat for this selection...some seem to think that LJ is going to run over Oakland...well LJ and what army?  And if LJ is going to run over Oakland, Jordan is going to do the same to KC (if he is playing.)  Look at the stats - LJ has rushed 394 yards this season and Jordan has rushed 466....in their last four games LJ ran 159 yrds, 121 yrds, 74 yrds, and 42 yrds in each game.  On the other hand, Jordan amased 42 yrds, 123 yrds, 12, rds, and 119yrds....is LJ a better RB, no doubt...but is he going to run over KC without gettin ran right back over....HECK NAW!  Final alaysis, Oakland has a great chance of knocking the struggling KC out of the water...its comes down to this Gaurd v. Culpepper, NOUGH SAID, Oakland wit the win!  But in the end who gives a darn, finish cutting the grass!

CINCY over Jets-  Cinco Ocho FINALLY shows up, this has been an emotional week for that man, give dude some love! Carson Palmer is THAT DUDE for Cincy!

CHICAGO over Phily...Dawkin-less and destitute!  I took heat for this selection too, it was brought to my attention that Chicago has issues winning on the road...while this might be true, Philly has issues winning period!  Chi-town stand up!

SEATTLE over STL  -  if this were two weeks ago I would say BLOW-OUT, Seattle gets it done!  But, to be honest I really dont know!  That Hasselback/Alexander magic is long gone, two consecutive blow-outs, it really makes you wonder. But at the end of the day Julian Peterson and crew will hold Bulger and friends down! (isn't he returning?)  CASSIDY, IF YOU WANT AN UPSET OF THE SEASON, I SUGGEST YOU CHOOSE THIS GAME RIGHT HERE!  

PITTSBURGH over Denver- is anyone even going to watch this game?  I have no idea what to say about Denver...I think those nine kids are wearing Henry out, he stopped showin up!  Final analysis...RIP Denver, you suck! Mike Tomlin (a.k.a. Shaft, those darn black shades he sports) STAND UP!

INDY over J-Ville  - intially I thought this was going to be a blow out game, but in retrospect I simply don't know! J-Ville is a force to be rekoned with, Maurice Jones-Drew is without a doubt that dude, 12 carries and 125 yrds against Houston..he has the potential to wreck Indy's banged up D....but Indy hasn't lost a MNF game in five years...so, I just don't think J-Ville can get it done!  Del Rio pissed me off letting Leftwhich go...so this game will be a sweet defeat...Indy by 3!


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