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This was always about more than basketball. Cleveland loses at EVERYTHING. Sports, economics, weather, everything. People expect to be heartbroken with sports, considering the Drive, the Fumble, Red Right 88, the 97 World Series, the 07 ALCS, the 09 ECF, etc. Bottom line, Cleveland loses in the most heartbreaking ways possible. But imagine this.... something finally rolls Cleveland's way. They draft LeBron James, who has the talent to be the best player ever to play the game. He hits the league, and is amazing. He carries the Cavs past the Pistons into the Finals with a ridiculous game where he scores the team's last 30 points. Things are looking up for Cleveland. Surely, the self proclaimed King would win the title the city so desperately needs and deserves. But problems set in. The roster has issues, as the front office hasn't had an actual plan to build, but has just gone out and gotten whatever shiny new player LeBron wanted. Eric Snow. Larry Hughes. Ben Wallace. Mo Williams. Shaq. The team still manages to win 60+ games two years in a row on the back of the MVP, giving the city hope. Two disastrous postseason flameouts later, LeBron has a choice. Flee Cleveland, and admit that he can't win a title as the leading player? Or go to Miami, and ride along with Wade and Bosh to win the ring. LeBron gave up. He admitted he couldn't win in Cleveland, he needed D-Wade and Bosh to win it all. If one of the most talented basketball players EVER couldn't win a title in Cleveland, who can? This is about more than just basketball. LeBron represented all the hope Cleveland had, wrapped up in one package. He just took that hope, everything an entire region had placed entirely on him, and crushed it. LeBron James had the hopes and dreams of Cleveland resting on his shoulders, and he completely destroyed it. Thats why people are reacting the way they are. It was always about more than basketball. When people lose hope, it is an absolutely soul crushing event. Cleveland's hope just died, as LeBron ran away to the beach.
July 9, 2010  12:47 AM ET

Wow... no paragraphs.

July 9, 2010  12:50 AM ET

Lebron cheated on Cleveland all the time.. You guys were just the ones who let it go.. He went to Yankees and wore a Yankees jersey.. He went to a cowboys game a cheered for the cowboys.. You guys just let him off the hook to much and now hes left you an broke your heart.. awwwwww

July 9, 2010  12:50 AM ET

^ Dont remove it

July 9, 2010  01:06 AM ET

Wasn't trying too, I was trying to actually get paragraphs.

You're entitled to say what you want.

But... he rejected Chicago too.

July 9, 2010  01:19 AM ET

Ha right but we we did walk away with a good player in boozer.. with spending room to pick up some role players

July 9, 2010  01:23 AM ET

I thought you guys would end up with Ray Allen, he would have fit Chicago well.

Without Hinrich, the Bulls are missing the spot up shooter.

July 9, 2010  01:37 AM ET

I know.. What a waste of a trade


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