Scrooge's Rant

I had an okay Week 6 last week going 8-5 after having a very good Week 5.  For the year, I'm 58-31, which is a 65% percent chance of picking a winner.  I'm hoping to pull that number up this week.  Anyways, here are my picks.

Ravens @ Bills

The Bills are one of the worst teams in the NFL and the Ravens aren't that good.  However, the Ravens defense is still very good and I expect them to confuse Trent Edwards or JP Losman(if he plays) as the Ravens shutdown Marshawn Lynch.  As for the Ravens offensively, I don't think they'll do much, but the Ravens defense should give them a ton of turnovers as the Ravens win the game comfortably.

Falcons @ Saints

This is a game between two bad football teams and this game is a tossup.  The Falcons should be able to move the ball through the air with decent success.  As for the Saints offense, they should be able to have decent success running the ball against a horrible Falcons run defense.  I'm going to take the Saints to win because they're at home, but don't be surprised if the Falcons win.

49ers @ Giants

I still think the 49ers are a good football team, but they don't have much of a shot against the Giants.  I think this game will be a slugfest(just like most of the games the 49ers play), a game where two very aggressive defenses dominate the game, which is exactly why I'm taking the Giants because they have a better quarterback.  I don't think any team will have success running the ball, but the Giants should do a better job creating turnovers because the 49ers have Trent Dilfer as quarterback.

Titans @ Texans

The Titans would've won that game against Bucs had Vince Young stayed in the game, but he was hurt.  This week, I expect Vince Young to get the start and he should tare apart a pretty good Texan defense.  The Titans defense is playing extremely well and I expect that to continue against a decent Texans offense. Last week, the Jaguars dominated the line of scrimmage against the Texans and the Titans are a very similar team to the Jaguars.  That's why I like the Titans big.

Bucs @ Lions

The way to attack the Lions offense is to blitz the crap out of them and get after Jon Kitna, but the Bucs aren't a blitzing team.  That's why I think the Lions will have decent success moving the ball.  As for the Lions defense, they suck.  Jeff Garcia has played really well thus far and I was wrong about him.  Garcia should move the ball at will against a bad Lions defense.  The Bucs should win this game comfortably.

Cardinals @ Redskins

The Cardinals have Tim Rattay at quarterback and Rattay can't play against a pretty good Redskins defense.  The Redskins should be able to take away Edgerrin James from rushing the ball by stacking the box.  Then, Greg Williams should be able to eat Rattay up with all those blitzes.  As for the Redskins offensively, the Redskins should have success running the ball, but Campbell should be confused by all the blitzes the Cardinals throw at him.  This game will come down to what team has more success running the ball, that's why I like the Redskins in a close game.

Jets @ Bengals

This is a matchup between two bad football teams.  The Jets will be able to run the ball against the Bengals just like everyone else does, but Carson Palmer should be able to find holes easily against a bad Jets defense.  The Bengals should force this game into a shootout and that should give the advantage to the Bengals.  I'm taking the Bengals to win at home.

Vikings @ Cowboys

The Vikings don't have a chance to win this game.  The only thing the Vikings can do is run the ball and that plays into the hands of a swarming Dallas Cowboys defense.  The weakness of the Vikings defense is the lack of ability to rush the passer.  That's why the Cowboys are going to spread the Vikings out as TO and Witten as both have a huge game against the Vikings.

Bears@ Eagles

Those huge runs that the Bears allowed to Adrian Peterson was a mix of lack of containment on the cutback and bad tackling.  The Bears aren't very disciplined on defense and all of a sudden, they can't tackle.  What happened to Tommie Harris?  He's one of the most overrated players in the league.  Anyways, the Eagles should be able to force Brian Griese into some mistakes by Jim Johnson's way(blitzing).  As for the Eagles offense, Brian Westbrook should end up having the same success that Adrian Peterson had against the Bears.

Steelers @ Broncos

The Broncos defense has become the Colts defense of last year, they can't stop the run.  The Steelers with Willie Parker should be able to trample the Broncos defense.  Jay Cutler has played okay thus far, and he's playing the best defense in the NFL.  The one thing that the Steelers will do is shut down the run, which means that Cutler will have to put the Broncos on his back and then Dick LeBeau will just chew Cutler up and spit him back out.  The Steelers should dominate the Broncos. 


Rams @ Seahawks

The Seahawks aren't a very good team, but the Rams just suck.  The Rams are going to be suffocated this week.  The Seahawks should be able to destroy Marc Bulger or Gus Frerote as Steven Jackson gets stuffed.  The Seahawks offense should get some big plays down the field against a bad Rams defense.  The Seahawks should crush the Rams.


Colts @ Jaguars

The Jaguars should be able to run the ball against a mediocre Colts run defense and David Garrard won't make many mistakes and he'll play like he's been playing for the past 5 games.  As for the Colts offense, they should be able to move the ball like they always do.  In the end, the Colts have too much offense for the Jaguars, but I think the Jaguars should be able to keep this game close.


Patriots @ Dolphins

The Patriots are the best teams in the NFL right now, but they've always had trouble against the Dolphins in Miami.  The Patriots should move the ball at will against a bad Dolphins defense.  As for the Patriots defense, they should be able to shutdown Ronnie Brown and force the Dolphins to turn to Cleo Lemon.  Then the Patriots should eat Cleo Lemon alive, but this game is in Miami.  That's why I'm taking the Patriots, but I expect this game to be real close.


Chiefs @ Raiders

The main weakness in the Raiders defense is their run defense.  The Chiefs had a lot of success running the ball against the Bengals and I expect them to do an okay job of running on the Raiders.  As for the Raiders offense, they won't have very much success against a good Chiefs defense.  The Chiefs will shut down LaMont Jordan and Daunte Culpepper can't play anymore, as he showed against the Chargers.  I'll take the Chiefs in a close game.


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