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I am appalled. That's all I can say. I have never seen anything this ridiculous just on the reaction to one man's own decision. I personally don't agree why he did it on TV, but if everyone gives James this much pleasure of covering his decision beforehand and also, to have that much of a reaction afterwhich, then there was a reason for the "show." Personally i don't approve of the one hour special, so don't try and twist the following words around.

Pros and Cons: There are ALWAYS going to be two sides and no one will be happy.

Pros: James joined two other very talented players on a team to further his dreams of winning a championship. He obviously couldn't do it by himself in Cleveland. As much as the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio put him on a pedestal, you didn't give him what he needed most--talent. Now, you're upset b/c you think he's selfish? Cleveland fans you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You're the ones who put him up higher than God, "witnessing" his abilities, and buying this jerseys to wear them to sleep dreaming one day that you'll get to show off one championship--I said ONE. Are you really surprised now why he's got a little big head? You gave it to him. James never lied about his intentions. He wanted to be on a winning team, now he's got two of the best players in the league in Wade and Bosh, and I personally like the young talent of Chalmers and whoever Pat Riley can put on that roster--never underestimate a Wildcat.

Cons: He has to share the spotlight. James will never be able to fully appreciate a title by himself. He sold himself short b/c he opted out for talent over money? (That's a con? More on that later) He'll be compared to Jordan and how his airness soared to six championships. Well you know what? Didn't Jordan have Pippin, Rodman, Grant and company? No matter what, James will never be able to please everyone. Maybe James doesn???t want to be the only reason for the team losing--you know if you're the only superstar on a team, ahem Cleveland, and you lose in the playoffs, guess what, YOU are to blame. He now gets to share the spotlight, this I don't think is a bad thing.

Pros: James, Wade and Bosh, all took a big pay-cut to be able to play together. Isn't what we are trying to instill in our youngsters today that money doesn't solve all your problems? Money doesn't make you happy? Well, I tilt my hat to those three who obviously stood up to the big man and said, "Hey, I may not make more money, but I will be a winner. I will be happier, because I know I tried my best to get to my goal: a Championship." Well done, my friends, well done.

Cons: All of them took a big pay cut. But you know what? What's a couple more million dollars when you're already a multi-millionaire. And on that note, those three together getting endorsed by endless companies around the world... hmmm that sounds like dollar signs anyway. If James would have stayed at Cleveland, all of the other 29 cities that house an NBA franchise would have criticized him for taking the max deal rather than looking at him staying in his home state. Doesn't matter that if he stayed in Cleveland that it would have been because it's his home, to the 29 other cities, it would have been because of the money and only because of the money.

Pros: LeBron changed his course, because he felt that it was the best thing to do for him. He is now able to start over, being older and wiser, to further his basketball dreams of a championship. Has anyone else got up and moved to somewhere they've never been in order to follow their dreams? (raising my hand) Why do you think I'm in Minnesota? ...because it was the best possible decision for my professional career. I left my family, whom I miss dearly every single day, to gain the professional experience that I could never have had elsewhere other than here in Minnesota.

Cons: LeBron left the only thing he knew: his hometown and home state. He left the fans that have endured and cheered him and made him the superstar he is, he left the family and friends who traveled with him watching his games all his life, he left a state in which he shed tears and bled through. It's tough to leave something you hold so many ties to. The people in Ohio feel like he stabbed them in the back. He went on national TV and told them he was leaving! But, don't you think that they would have been upset even without the national spectacle? Yes. Either way, Ohio was going to be betrayed with or without the cameras, and James has to suffer going into Cleveland next year twice in the season and face that reaction.

People will call him a sellout no matter what. If he stayed, 29 other cities would say it was for money. Now that he went, Cleveland says it's because he's not good enough to win it on his own. Well, I got news for everyone, practice what you preach: money isn't everything; share and be a team player. LeBron James proved both of those teachings that our parents try to instill in us every day. He wanted to be on a team that would make him better with talent surrounding him in Wade, Bosh, Chalmers, etc., and he proved that he's willing to do it with less money.


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