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As the World Series dawns on us, it is time to look at the free-agents and potential free-agents going into the off-season. I will list the best player, bargain, and the player that will get a huge contract, but probably won't live up to it for each position. Drum-roll please.........

*Note: these are based entirely off of the potential free-agents list found on



Brad Ausmus HOU

Paul Bako BAL

Michael Barrett SD

Gary Bennett STL

Ramon Castro NYM

Wiki Gonzalez WAS

Jason Kendall CHC

Jason LaRue KC

Paul Lo Duca NYM

Damian Miller MIL

Chad Moeller CIN

Jose Molina NYY

Josh Paul TB

Jorge Posada NYY

Ivan Rodriguez DET

Yorvit Torrealba COL

Javier Valentin CIN

Best Player- After the monstrous year that Jorge Posada had, he is easily the best catcher available this off-season, even at the tender age of 36. His OBP has been well above league average for his entire career, and his lowest tally since 2000 is .352 in 2005. He is defying the catcher trend, seemingly getting better with age. His .860 career ops will bolster any offense looking for a championship run in the next few years. Expect him to break the bank this off-season.

Best Bargain- Ramon Castro: He has never been given the opportunity to play regularly, but in a reduced role this year with the Mets he produced greatly. He swatted 11 home runs in 144 at bats and posted an .887 ops. He may not be able to play regularly, but give him 275-300 at bats and you have a pretty productive player.

Not worth the trouble- Ivan Rodriguez: The Tigers picked up his 13 million option for 2008, and seeing as it had a 3 million dollar buyout, it's going to cost them about 10 million for his play next season. He is a rapidly declining player, and his 9 walks in 511 plate appearance led to a grotesque .294 OBP. Detroit has a young catcher in their farm system, Mike Rabelo, who was ranked 18th among all of their prospects by Baseball America. Time will tell if it would have been smarter to dump Pudge and bring Rabelo up to the show.


First Baseman

Sean Casey DET

Tony Clark ARZ

Jeff Conine NYM

Julio Franco ATL

Kevin Millar BAL

Olmedo Saenz LAD

Mark Sweeney LAD

Mike Sweeney KC

Best Player: First base is a position where power is expected to seep from, and in this first base depleted free-agent season, Tony Clark is the only viable candidate for this spot. He may be 35, but he still nailed 17 home runs and posted a .511 slugging percentage in 221 at bats. Any team looking to make a run would be smart to sign him to an incentive-laden one year deal.

Best Bargain- This crop of first baseman is way up there in age, so you won't want to go out looking for the next breakout player, he's not there. But for a low price(2,750,000 in 07') the Orioles receive some very decent numbers out of Kevin Millar. Any guy who swats 17 home runs and has a .365 OBP will help your team, signing him to a two year, 6 million dollar deal would be smart.

Not worth the money- If there is one thing I love about Sean Casey, it is his ability to get on base. He consistently has a high OBP, and has great plate discipline. One thing I hate, well that would be his inability to hit for power, with his home run high the last three years being 9. He earned 4,000,000 this year, don't expect him to make that much ever again.

Second Baseman

Marlon Anderson NYM

Luis Castillo NYM

Damion Easley NYM

Mark Ellis OAK

Marcus Giles SD

Tony Graffanino MIL

Tadahito Iguchi PHI

Jeff Kent LAD

Mark Loretta HOU

Kaz Matsui COL

Luis Rivas CLE

Jose Valentin NYM

Best Player- He may be the oldest out of this bunch, but you will get more production next year from Jeff Kent than any other player on this list. He had a .375 obp and .500 slugging percentage last year, and appeared in 136 games, showing he still has what it takes to play everyday. If you are looking for longevity, go for Luis Castillo, who gets on base a lot, but has no pop in his bat whatsoever.

Best Bargain- Between 2003-2005, Marcus Giles posted OBP's of .390, .378, and .365. When he came to San Diego in 07', his career took a terrible turn for the worse, and in his contract year nonetheless. It seems Petco park destroyed him, as he posted only a .290 OBP at home. If a team is looking to spend little for proven production, they should give Marcus Giles a chance to resurrect his career.


Not worth the money-Kaz Matsui seemed to resurrect his career in Colorado this year, but there is a HUGE catch; he only hit well at Coors field!!!

At home, he hit .330, swatted all 4 of his home runs, and had a .381 OBP. Away from Coors, he hit .249, had a .304 OBP, and his slugging was .150 points lower than it was at home. He will get a good deal this year, but pray it is with the Rockies.


David Eckstein STL

Cesar Izturis PIT

Ramon E Martinez LAD

John McDonald TOR

Neifi Perez DET

Juan Uribe CHW

Omar Vizquel SF

Best Player- I have to say Eckstein, he has a career .351 OBP, but this is a weak off-season for Shortstops, really weak.

Best Bargain- There really aren't any bargains per-say. I have a man-crush on Omar Vizquel though, so someone please give him a one year deal for cheap. PLEASE?

Not worth the money- Juan Uribe is downright awful. He will probably get a decent deal because he has hit 20+ home runs the past two seasons, but his OBP in those years were .257 and .284. Those are disgusting, he shouldn't even be allowed to play baseball. He SUCKS, I hate him. I hate him I hate him I hate him.

Third Baseman

Russell Branyan STL

Corey Koskie MIL

Mike Lamb HOU

Mike Lowell BOS

Greg Norton TB

Abraham O. Nunez PHI

Alex Rodriguez NYY

Best player- I will let you decide for yourself. If it takes you more than 1 second, shoot yourself in the head.

Best bargain- Mike Lamb has posted OBP's of .361 and .366 the past two years. Someone let this guy play every day, for real. He is pretty freakin good.

Not worth the money- Mike Lowell:



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