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Alright everyone, once again it is time for my weekly predictions for the slate of NFL games this upcoming weekend.  Last week, I went 9-4 . I don't know what my total record is for the season because either I am just too lazy to do the math or I simply just don't care.  Either way, let's just move on to the current weekend(WEEK 7).  This time I will try something different.  Instead of writing a tedious novel about each game, I will give at least 3 reasons as to WHY the teams I pick will march on the victory. And remember, like I always say...BEWARE OF THE HOME UNDERDOGS!!!  Shall we begin....

WASHINGTON over Arizona-  1)  Kurt Warner or not, 'zona will have problems through the air because Washington has an outstanding pass defense.  2) Arizona has not won in their last 5 meetings with the Skins, and that trend will likely continue.  3) Campbell should have a field day through the air at FedEx field.    Redskins   26    Cardinals    7

NEW ORLEANS over Atlanta-     1) It seems like Brees finally has his groove on     2)  Reggie Bush is now coming alive as the premier back, will like rush for over 100 yards and maybe a couple of TD's    3) Leftwich is an upgrade over Harrrington but it won't be enough as he is still trying to familiarize himself with the Atlanta offense        Saints 24          Falcons 14

BUFFALO over Baltimore-     1) Bills had a bye week and are well rested    2) Trent Edwards will be focused with JP awaiting on deck to take back his starting job...what a better team to impress the coaches with than the ravens   3) I just don't believe in Kyle Boller  4) Although the Ravens defense seem to be progressing, the Bills as a HOME 'DOG..are primed for the upset.  Bills   17   Ravens 14

DALLAS over Minnesota-    1) Dallas should get back on track after the fiasco against the Pats    2) A.P. should make this game close but the Boys will pull away in the end    3) Crayton said the Vikings D is not that great either, ok maybe he didn't but the Vikes pass D is pretty awful and Crayton should get a score or two.  4) Romo and T.O. should have a field day.  Cowboys  34   Vikings 17

New England over MIAMI-   1) Pats are 6-0  and rolling like a freight train   2)  'Fins are 0-6 and looks like they've been rolled on by a freight train   3) who's gonna stop Brady and Moss? Enough said.     Patriots 31     Dolphins 10

NY GIANTS over San Francisco-  1) The G -men offense is clicking on all cylinders       2) Dilfer will not get it done, and Alex Smith is not 100%  plus the Niners aren't doing well offensively   3) Both defenses are playing well, but I give the edge to Strahan and company.     Giants    20     49ers   10

DETROIT over Tampa Bay-  1) Lions pass D might is  horrendous and Garcia will be able to exploit it    2)  the Bucs really do not have a running game even with the addition of Bennett  3) Kitna is Kitna and the high powered offense will once again thrive, and with Kevin Jones now starting in the backfield..the Lions should sneak one out at home.    Lions  31  Buccaneers   30

HOUSTON over Tennessee- 1) Vince Young's status is uncertain and will likely miss this game  2)  Kerry Collins- give me a break. Might as well give LenDale White the ball every time. Titans aren't a passing team anyway 3)  Even though the Titans have a decent pass D who rarely gives up big plays, the replacement wideouts for the Texans (Walter and Davis) should have a decent day before the game is done..thanks to Schaub.  4) the Texans are a slight home underdog..beware!    Texans     24    Titans  20

Kansas City over OAKLAND-  1)  KC has owned the Raiders over the past few years or so   2) KC's LJ seems to be getting back on track and Oakland's LJ(Jordan) has been derailed off the track since coming back from his back injury  3) TE Gonzo seems to be back, giving Huard his confidence back.     Chiefs   24     Raiders    22

CINCINNATI over NY Jets-     1)  Bengals looking for answers to the teams poor start, and they'll get back on track with this victory     2)  Pennington knows he is on thin ice and will play a great game, unfortunately Cincy will have too much offense   3)  Jets pass D is almost non-existent, and Housh and Chad will be targeted by Palmer as if they had a bullseye on their jerseys.  Bengals  38   NY Jets  20

PHILADELPHIA over Chicago-  1)  Where have the Bears outstanding D gone?    2) Chicago giving up too many on the ground, and Westbrook will just make it worse for them.   3) Bears running game is mediocre with Benson which can't open up the passing game with Griese.    Eagles    20  Bears  16

SEATTLE over St. Louis-  1)  Shaun Alexander is due for a big game, and what do you's this one.   2)  Bulger might suit up for this game, but the Rams are still a key player out in Steven Jackson.   3) Rams give up too much in the air, and Hasselbeck has primary weapons in Engram, Obumanu, and Burleson.    Seahawks    28   Rams   10

DENVER over Pittsburgh-      1) A bold pick by me, as I believe the Steelers are the most complete team in the NFL.  2)  This is an upset in the making as Mike Shanahan will have the Broncos focused after 3 straight losses.   3)  Denver is rarely an underdog at home, and you know what I say about home dogs..beware!!      Broncos   26       Steelers   20

Indianapolis over JACKSONVILLE-      1)  the Jags have an awesome pass D   2) the Colts have an explosive O    3) Peyton will let everyone know that the Colts are still the team to beat  4)  MoJo will have a field day, but the Jags passing game is not very explosive 5) Jags will make a scare at ending Indy's perfect record .  I wouldn't be surprised if they did pull the upset.  I believe Jacksonville is the NFL's most underrated team, but I just have to give a slight edge to Peyton.  Plus who wouldn't want to see an undefeated Peyton and Brady battle it out on week 9.       Colts    24    Jaguars    21


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