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Those Steelers fans are so smart. They know their football, they know their team is without a doubt the greatest to ever grace the field. That's why the latest edition of Pick Apart Pecota will be sponsored by the great Steelers4lyfe39. His great blog was entitled "why the Steelers will finish on top of the afc north..."

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And we begin......

I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will come out on top of the AFC North... 

You, and just about every other fan who follows football. Well, except for those of us who still think those Ravens, at only a half game back, still have the slightest chance.

 I support this by just saying look at the stats, they don't lie... 

Either does that 4-1 record, or the fact that they are currently first in their division.

We have been playing at a higher level than any other team in our division, only team nearly as good is, as I never thought I would say it, the Browns

This sentence is unbelievably effed up. In the real world, it would read; "We have been playing at a higher level than any other team in our division, and the only team that is nearly as good as us would be the Browns, though I never thought I would say it.

 And again, of course they have been playing better, their record shows that. Why no Ravens? Last time I checked, they were 4-2, the Steelers were 4-1, and the Browns were 3-3. What team has been playing better? Well duh, the BROWNS MOTHER ****!!!!!!!!

The Bengals are garbage thus far, and with no defense what so ever, they are going nowhere but down

A 1-4 record shows they are nearly as down as they possibly could be. Yes, they are terrible, thank you for your insight lord of football knowledge.

 The Ravens are not palying up to par with up either, I mean, for crying out loud, they lost to the Browns and Bengals

Yes, they did lose those two games, but they managed to win 4 other games, and are 1/2 game back of the almighty Steelers. They are the closest team to shooting an even par with the Steelers. Why all of a sudden the hate on the Browns, you were just worshipping them like two sentences ago.

*NOTE- this sentence keeps on going, making it a run-on sentence. Just a little fyi.

 McNair has been injured for a while, and I guess the back-up is doing alright managing the games, but he isn't putting them away

A 4-2 record is ehhh, alright. Thank God they aren't playing any better, or the Steelers wouldn't be in first place, genius.

The only reason the Ravens beat the Rams is because suckass Frerrote was starting, which spells disaster for any NFL franchise...

I'm so glad your crystal ball is able to tell us outcomes of games that have the big "what if" attached to them. Thank you, fair lord of football crystal ballness.



Ravens::8-8(tied with Browns for wildcard)

Not only does this guy think the Ravens are going 4-6 from here on out, he also thinks that two 8-8 teams are getting a wildcard in the AFC. Booo




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