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 The San Francisco 49ers are off the clock! - Top Pick In Depth draft analysis from the Faithful 

The 49ers are slowly being remade in Mike Nolans image. Two years ago, drafting Alex Smith, people questioned the direction of the team under this brash new head coach, but last year he drafted Vernon Davis, and with Frank Gore, they are perfect compliments for the young QB's development. Frank Gore proved to be a steal last season when he emerged as one of the most explosive backs in the league, and Vernon Davis is expected to have Terrell Owens-like ON FIELD impact (he is a classy guy, unlike Owens).

Last year, the team was actually in the playoff race until late in the season. Alex Smith looks to be coming around. Big questions still linger with the departure of OC Norv Turner, but this offseason, the niners have been extremely active, spending huge money on Nate Clements, a **** good CB....wait...this just in...THE 49ers TRADE FOR...WR DARRELL JACKSON FROM THE SEAHAWKS


BOOOOOO! The Seagulls receivers cant catch! why would we pick him up! I hope Nolan knows what he is doing.

Well anyway, lets break down this draft

 With the 11th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose - 

Patrick Willis - ILB - Mississippi

Tremendous pick, this guy is a player.  Defensive player of the year in the SEC, plus received the Butkus and Lambert awards. Here is a stat for you: 11.4 solo one game. He should be an immediate impact player. Since the loss of Julian Peterson, we havent had a true atheletic machine in the defensive backfield. Lewis will not be the force in coverage that Peterson was, but his fierce, aggressive style should be a terror in the box against the run. He has flashes of greatness, but is a little slow breaking on the ball.

With the 28th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose -

Joe Staley - RT - Central Michigan 

Started playing TE, but moved to tackle as a sophmore. He has grown tremendously since then in his game, but still is not very good against the run, when there is a lot of movement, but is able to use his body tremendously in pass coverage. He is know to be dedicated to hard work, so he should be able to be an effective starter immediately. I think this is going to be a great addition for us. Our line has been inconsistent over the years, and with the loss of Newberry, and Kwame Harris still having a job, we need this guy. 

 With the 76th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose - 

Jason Hill - WR - Washington State

A local boy, had an injury plagued senior campaign, which effected his draft number. He is extremely gifted at catching the ball in traffic with defenders all over him, he very strong. Uses his body well, but isnt a deep threat. He can be a second or third receiver. I love to have local boys on the team, so lets go JASON!

With the 97th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose -

Ray McDonald - DE - Florida

He started in college as a freshman, however due to injuries played only 3 games in his junior year. He is disruptive and explosibe, he could play tackle as well as end, but he also can be handled by a single blocker if he gets beat to the point, and his injuries are a concern. I think that his determination to be the best will help him produce, he should be effective within the other D linemen

With the 104th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose -

Jay Moore - DE - Nebraska

Very Atheletic pass-rushing DE, but his lack of bulk and strength make it easy for blockers to knock him around. He has the talent to play other postions as well. He is not an everydown rusher, which obviously deteriorates his value. Im not too crazy about this pick, since we have had some light-in-the-rear DE's in recent times, and we drafted a DE right before this pick...

With the 126th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose -

Dashon Goldson - S  Washington

A specimen physically, he is very solid in zone coverage and when his assignment goes as planned, but he doesnt transition well mid-play, and is not very quick. He played corner as well, but is probably a dime back or special teamer. The Champ doesnt believe in drafting special teamers, but he is an atheletic guy, so with some good coaching, maybe he will produce.

With the 135th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose -

Joe Cohen - DT - Florida

 An inconsistent starter who also lacks the ability to quickly change direction. Also switches from end to tackle. He is explosive off the ball, and plugs holes against the run. He could be a value as part of our defensive tackle unit. I would still like to see some one more explosive on our line, but he is decent.

With the 147th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose -

Tarell Brown - CB - Texas

 A shut down corner who is much quicker on the field that his 4.5 40 time reflects. He is a little immature in his game and free lances a lot rather than sticking to fundamentals. A natural athlete, he would have been a first rounder had it not been for an injury and off-field incidents. I really like this pick, and I feel great about our secondary. We might have an elite unit in a year or two after these guys have some time to gel. 

With the 186th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers choose -

Thomas Clayton - RB - Kansas State 

Another late round gem. He is a power runner who is not scared to go head-up and inflict the pain. He is patient and extremely effective with the size and speed to be a power house in the NFL, but he is not effective when he has to change direction (a theme of these picks) and had some issues with his coaching staff. Nolan doesnt play that, so I dont think Clayton will be an issue. I think he will be the perfect compliment of Maurice Hicks and Frank Gore...our RB core is looking fantastic




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