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Howdy, loyal fans and friends!

Yeah, yeah, I know it's been a while since I posted...cut a girl some slack, will ya? I have been crazy busy at work (yes, even us Code Monkeys can get busy at times). I mean CRAZY busy...I was even working Sunday whilst watching football.

But now things have slowed down a bit, and I feel the need to write. Some of you may have seen my Week 7 picks via the Women R US blog. I was 10 and 4...not bad, I think. Probably better than Boomer on The Worldwide Leader. Here's the games I called wrong:

Baltimore vs Buffalo: I picked Baltimore in this game. I followed it up with the comment "Duh." and got called out by guatemiguk for having "very little insight". Mmmm. That got me thinking.

Baltimore is one of three teams in the NFL that I dislike intensely. I'm sure that's got something to do with being division rivals of my Steelers. It's got more to do with the fact that I think they play dirty. Not cheating-dirty like the Pats, but unsportsmanlike-dirty. That's my opinion and I am entitled to it. But I'm wondering why guatemiguk said I have very little insight. I was able to put my feelings aside and pick what I considered the better team to win the matchup. I picked the Ravens to win because they had a 4-2 record going into the game, compared to the Bills 1-4. Yes, both teams have QB issues, and yes, the Ravens have struggled this year compared to years past. Buffalo lost two close games in the fourth quarter, indicating to me that their D wears down during the course of the game and that their opponents can take advantage of that in close games. What am I missing? I'm not being a wisenheimer, I genuinely want to know in order to expand my football smarts.

Tennessee vs Houston: I semi-called this one. Okay, I totally avoided calling this one because I genuinely had no idea who would prevail in this match-up. I was leaning toward Tennessee if Vince Young played, Houston if not. The game was close, (the Titans pulled it out) but I still think that my initial instincts were right on.

Matt Schaub has done some very good things in Houston this year, and I didn't think that the Titans' offense would be very effective without Young. Schaub went out in the first quarter, thus nullifying the Schaub factor. I don't think the Titans offense was particularly effective since Rob Bironas kicked 8 field goals--a sign to me that they just didn't have enough to push into the endzone. The Titans D seemed to implode in the second half, and the offense only scored 6 points during that half. It boils down to the fact that the game was going to be won by the team who had the last possession--in this case, the Titans.

Tampa Bay vs Detroit: Ugh. I fell prey to the hype about the Bucs. Lots of people reminded me that the game was in a dome, the Lions were coming off of a bye-week, Kitna and the boys are playing good ball...I didn't listen. I even plucked the Bucs defense off of waivers for my Fantasy team and was rewarded with 3 WHOLE POINTS. I still think that Jeff Garcia is playing excellent football, but Detroit is playing better. Lesson learned.

Pittsburgh vs Denver: Oh for pete's sake!!! You should have seen me on Sunday night. I was beside myself. I was yelling and screaming and throwing things (it was a really bad week and the Sunday Night Game was the Holy Grail I was reaching for, the bright spot at the end of the tunnel, my reason for being). I was upset. I was disappointed. I couldn't understand why in the world Mike Tomlin/Bruce Airens/Ben Roethlisberger (whoever...) was calling passing plays. Ummm...I thought Denver had the worst defense in the league against the RUN? And, I know that I'm not a football professional, but last time I checked, Willie Parker was pretty good at RUNNING the football. Oh, ummm, what about that guy Santonio Holmes?

Yeah, yeah, I know that Ben got 4 TD passes, an excellent completion percentage, drove the team down for a TD to tie the game, and netted me 30 some points on my fantasy team (thanks, Ben). But...I think the Steelers could have won if there were more running plays. And what was going on with the D?

Oh well, hopefully next week at Cincy will serve to calm my frenzied nerves.

Look for more ramblings from my troubled mind a little later...


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