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What are you you looking forward to at Pocono?

Hamlin has shown before he is good here. He has qualified in top 10 and may be a contender here.

Is there someone else you are looking to see do well here?

Smoke has been pretty quite so far this year and he is on the pole.

Looking for the big wreck here?

After the race what were you surprised to see?

What did you see that you knew was gonna happen?

July 31, 2010  08:15 PM ET

Gonna go to work tomorrow.
So you are on your own.
Pop on from time to time and let me know what is going on.
I will try and see what is going on with Blackberry.
Maybe be home in time to catch the end

July 31, 2010  09:22 PM ET

I like how Pocano has a unique turn in every turn. It takes a skilled driver to make a good run there and that tunnel turn is tough. It's a good track skill wise and I like how it's privately owned as well.

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August 1, 2010  01:02 PM ET

Might be a late start. There's a slow moving rain cell near the track. I like the racing at Pocono, but its definitely better on TV than being there. The track is too big and too flat, you can't see a lot of the race.

August 1, 2010  01:18 PM ET

Darn, even though there's a rain delay it won't let me change to add Smoke!

August 1, 2010  01:37 PM ET

I'm feeling good about this race, I think it's gonna be a good one.

August 1, 2010  01:41 PM ET

You're working on Sunday k?

August 1, 2010  01:48 PM ET

Looking for the big wreck here?The only thing that will make it interesting. Pocono sucks.

Pocono isn't even really known for that. There is usually a hard hit around the tunnel turn or turn 3, but there isn't normally a high car number involved.

August 1, 2010  01:59 PM ET

The wall has seemed to be magnetic so far. Both Biffle and Kahne scrapped the wall. Kahne was a little harder than Biffle.

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August 1, 2010  03:58 PM ET

Agreed. No wrecks and no action up front makes for a very boring race.

August 1, 2010  03:58 PM ET

Yes .... home now.
Phantom yellow because Jimmie was putting too many a lap down?

August 1, 2010  04:02 PM ET

rain is a coming

August 1, 2010  04:03 PM ET

Got to amit that Camaro looks good out front

August 1, 2010  04:03 PM ET

oh dear 3 wide

August 1, 2010  04:03 PM ET

A real yellow will come out if this keeps up

August 1, 2010  04:04 PM ET

Gooooooo Jeff

August 1, 2010  04:04 PM ET

Spin Hamlinnnnn

August 1, 2010  04:05 PM ET

Hope Jeff did not wear out his stuff

August 1, 2010  04:07 PM ET

Mention rain and throw in a phantom yellow and looks allot better


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