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Colts v. Panthers - Indy steals the W! I doubted the Colts prowess this season; I really thought they would struggle against Jacksonville (maybe it's my hatred for Peyton Manning)....but I can admit when I'm wrong...and I was wrong. The Colts offense is on a roll, per game they are averaging 141.8 rushing yards (6th in the league) and 257.8 passing yards (also 6th in the league) which makes them 3rd overall in total offensive yardage with an average of 399.7 yards per game. So I must confess, I no longer doubt their abilities....Carolina sit down! Intersting fact: I'm from Carolina and I HATE the panthers, but I respect the athletisim of Steve Smith, I guess size doesn't matter....little men/receivers can get it done!


Bears v. Detroit - It's going to be a close one. The Bears are crumbling (Cedric Benson....really?) Detroit on the other hand is playing decent....SHOCKER, I know! Detroit's offense ranks 16th overall, with a dismal average of 85.5 yards rushing per game...however their pass game is respectable with an average of 243.0 yards per game (making them 7th in the league) ROY WILLIAMS and Shaun McDonald STAND UP! Chicago's offense, it pains me to say, doesn't amount to the Lion's, their averages per game are consistently lower, not to mention their defensive unit has struggled. Interesting fact - Detroit hasn't lost a home this season; too bad this isn't a home game, nonetheless Detroit will claim the W by a field goal! Interesting Fact: for once the Thanksgiving double header just might be worth skipping seconds with the fam!

Steelers v. Bengals - Pitts has suffered some interesting defeats, first my Cards and then Denver...WHAT THE WORLD!  Nonetheless, I think the W is their's this weekend! Tomlin is going to bounce his boys back into check! Interesting fact -Benny-boy is going to outperform Carson!  Palmer (to date) has 224 attempts, 141 completed passes and 1717 yards total with a respectable 13 TDs (89.1 rating) while Benny Boy (to date) has 166 attempts, 105 completed for a total of 1303 yards and 13 TD's (101.1 rating!) In case you cared, Willie P's longest run of the season is 27 yards.

Giants v. Dolphins - ZZZZzzzZZzzzz...MIA takes the L! BORING...Giants with the overseas W! Interesting fact, this game is being played in London; in the words of the great T.O. "get your fish and chips ready!"

Eagles v. Minnesota - Philly with the much need W! Minnesota doesn't stand a chance; they struggle on both sides of the ball! I'm only CONTEMPLATING watching this game to see Adrian Peterson... he is that DUDE, the Jets have a decent defense so this might pose a slight challenge.  Interesting Fact: Brooks Bollinger has the highest rating for the Vikes (91.7, but he only has 4 attempts, YIKES, Tavaris Jackson NOT to the rescue [why is that his name?])

Rams v. Browns - It's so sad what happened to St. Louis (0-7)....I demand a matchup between Miami and St. Louis ASAP! Browns with the W, ‘nough said! Interesting fact: This will be the most boring game of week 8...unless of course you are tuning in solely to see Braylon Edwards 

Titians v. Raiders - Titians take the W! Young is most probably going to play this weekend..boo!  Interesting Fact: we love Ronald Curry (better known as Ron C) former Tar Heel!

Buffalo v. Jets - Welcome Trent Edwards, the reigns are yours....this hurts my heart, I'm a undercover Loseman fan:(!  Once again, as I have been saying for the last two weeks...Loseman to AZ ASAP (I'm starting a petition!)  I'm still reeling from that MNF showdown with Dallas, the Bills really established themselves, this game is certainly winable for the Bills...Interesting Fact: Chad Pennington still hasn't retired, dude thanks for your efforts but PLEASE sit down!  FOX just called, I think they have a vacancy Chad!

Texans v. Chargers - This is a complicated situation...San Diego has been forced to practice in AZ this week...and they might play their ‘home' game in AZ this weekend...so hummm???? However, NOTHING, and I repeat NOTHING, will make the Texans a formable opponent against the Chargers...let us NOT forget the Chargers humiliation of Denver two weeks ago.  Not to mention, the Texans allowed Kerry Collins to have one of his best games....ten years too late! Now Phillip Rivers isn't that spectacular but he is CERTAINLY a more dangerous opponent than Kerry and crew, so I know for FACT the Texans will struggle against S.D.!

Jags v. Bucs. - So much for that Jags MNF upset... Indy said "sit down!"  However, this weekend will be a different story.  Jacksonville is perhaps one of the most underrated teams out there, SO u would think this would be a great motivator (Just Average Guy, no more!)  Unfortuanly Gerrad is our for 2-3 weeks...I would say I bet they wish they had Leftwhich but gee that dude is out 3-4, DARN!   Interesting Fact: Del Rio isn't a complete arse....he does wear nice suits, but Mike Nolan he is not!

Patriots v. Skins - Pats with the W...it pains me to say it but Randy Moss is Phenomenal, I really do wish I didn't have to despise him for his selfish and unsportsmanlike conduct in Oakland "play when I want to play" my behind! Interesting fact: The Pats are in the top of every category ranked by the NFL with the exclusion of rushing yardage where they rank 7th (offensively) and 9th (defensively)...hum, NFL powerhouse MUCH!

Saints v. 49ners - In my week seven predictions it was bought to my attention that I should not classify the Saints as being back because they had only won one game...well you know what N.O. has 2 W's and Bush has had two GREAT back to back games so......the Saints are B-A-C-K! Interesting fact: Brees has a rating of 69.1...yikes, but have no fear Trent Dilfer has a rating of 55.0...N.O with the W!!

Packers v. Broncos - 3 Cheers to the Broncos (the number of points they had against SD, YIKES) for winning against Pitts. BUT the buc (or shall we say bronco) stops there! I wish they could take down GB but it's not going to happen! Green Bay takes the W by 6 points!



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