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Did you hear that sound last night?  The sound of the hush that came over Lane Stadium when Ryan threw across his body and let loose a football 30 yards into the back of an Endzone over two defenders?  I heard it.  And above that, I heard Arthur Blank, Steve Bisciotti, Virginia Halas McCaskey, Malcolm Glazer, and Wayne Huizenga falling all over each other to get out their checkbooks.  Couldn't you hear that too?  Funny.  It's like that Manning Sprint Commercial. That is, you know, if you happen to like 6'5" quarterbacks with laser-rocket arms.  And most importantly, Ryan is a model citizen, intelligent, and clutch.

Ryan for Heisman?  Maybe.  How about Matt Ryan Top Draft Pick?  Now that is a serious possibility.

I know, I know.  What about Darren McFadden?  What about Glenn Dorsey?  Or Jake Long?  Hey.  All those guys are still in the discussion!  But what do they all have in common?  They are all the top players at their respective positions.  NFL teams draft according to needs.  What if the NFL team that has the top pick needs a QB?  Do you really think they'll draft Darren McFadden, or Glenn Dorsey? Last night, Matt Ryan clearly elevated himself to the top QB coming off the board in the next draft.  Brian Brohm is an excellent QB.  Andre Woodson has willed one of the most historically worst programss in college football history on his shoulders.  They are excellent choices as well, and all of them should be off the board by the middle of the 2nd round.

But what Ryan brings, is intangibles.  He has something that those other QBs do not have:  a 23-4 record all-time at BC as a starter.  Brian Brohm has seen 4 losses this SEASON.  

Is Ryan the Heisman front-runner?  I don't know.  Personally I think Tebow is pretty good, Hart is eponymous with his value to Michigan, McFadden is a monster, Dixon is what WVU fans thought Pat White would be, and Dorsey is unblockable.  Ryan will probably get a trip to NYC for the presentation, but we all know he'll be there in April, sitting with a smile, a cell phone, and in a suit.  Unlike Brady Quinn, Matt Ryan will not be ushered into a private green room.  He won't be sitting there with a goofy smile on his face, waiting to be picked.

Something is happening here at Boston College this season.  Much like it was at Ohio State in 2002, this team is winning despite all the questions, hatred, jealousy, and overt fear from the SEC crowd.  I expect anti-BC sentiment to reach a fever pitch in the near future.  With every win, I see fans doubting. Why?  For no other reason than that the front of the jersey says 'Boston College' and not 'Texas' or 'Florida State' or 'Miami.'  Let them hate on.  Really.  Here's an interesting fact:  Margin of victory was eliminated from the BCS formula, so the Eagles actually got more points for beating VaTech in Lane by four points than LSU did by more than 40 at home, since road victories DO count.

As a BC fan and alumni, I can only enjoy the ride. 

And thank Matt Ryan for at least waiting until after he got the touchdown before throwing up.  Of course, I think about 65,000 others in that stadium wished they could have done the same thing.


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